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  1. kaBOOMn

    2010 Hungarian Grand Prix

    Quote of the Day: (from young Seb Mid race) "How the F**k is Mark in front now?!? How is that possible?!?" Ouch.... Seb is a Future champ...he's the man, he needs to grow a little in the experience area. I think these last two years have been good...
  2. kaBOOMn

    Cypher Group withdraws F1 application

    *sigh* American don't seem to understand F1...and probably never will... (no offense to any American F1 fans...just generally)
  3. kaBOOMn

    2010 Santander British Grand Prix

    Seb, dispite your first lap, you where a bit of a unsung hero....great burn from the stern! Mark...just keep doing what you are doing! :D
  4. kaBOOMn

    2010 European Grand Prix

    Webber....*sigh* Fair enough, you lost position, and got pulled in for new tyres. Yes I know the stop got botched......and the "Red Mist" came down. The guy in the Lotus has every right to be where he was. This is why we can't have nice things...
  5. kaBOOMn

    Post your Achievements - New Jobs, Academic......

    Well I got (one of) my Degree's (Industrial Design) in April, and decided to do the other one (Mech Eng) part time. So I now have a new job: (no more playing cars...after 7 years :( ) I'm working for a company called Geoscience, basically (in very simple terms) is they design and build their...
  6. kaBOOMn

    2010 European Grand Prix

    ...well you never know! :D However, I did stock up on the booze for this one.....its probably going to help (after the first corner that is!)
  7. kaBOOMn

    2010 European Grand Prix

    Williams getting better :) MSC....bwhahahaha! /Doesn't think Seb will win this one....
  8. kaBOOMn

    What do you think of Schumacher?

    Yep....desperate? lol! :lol:
  9. kaBOOMn

    2010 Canadian Grand Prix

    Killer race. I mean action non stop. RB with their tyre choices? Damn. I spoze from a laymans view it should have worked, but then again there is more to it I suppose and Mclaren have been doing this for a long time! TR leading a race was a giggle tho! Full credit goes to Mclaren tho. Great...
  10. kaBOOMn

    2010 Canadian Grand Prix

    Great Qually sesh (On a bit late tho for us in Aus!) The Question: Tyres It seems that both the Red Bulls (and I think someone else...erm Renault?) are on the harder tyre, while everybody else (in the top 10) is on the softer tyre. Ignoring how this will affect the race in terms of pit...
  11. kaBOOMn

    USF1 fully dead.

    *giggle* :lol: ...what a saga!
  12. kaBOOMn

    2010 Formula 1 Season - Official Discussion Thread

    Yep. Really tho, where else could he go? He is supposed to love the team? Fun and games...
  13. kaBOOMn

    2010 Canadian Grand Prix

    What he said... Actually, Yes on the rain.
  14. kaBOOMn

    The F1 Image Caption Thread

    "You call that a F'ing apology?!" Found this.... ....Number 36
  15. kaBOOMn

    The F1 Technical Developments Thread

    It wasn't the suspension arms, it was sections of the difuser..... Hell like you'd have 20 Deg of anti squat! lol!
  16. kaBOOMn

    The F1 Image Caption Thread

    (Dr Helmut Marko with young Seb...for more background infomation for your captions check out . .. ... I was thinking along the lines of sumthing from Starwars where the Emperor (marko) would talk to Darth...
  17. kaBOOMn

    2010 Turkish Grand Prix

    I think your spot on......Mclaren are going to walk away with it at this rate....but probably not for techncial reasons. Source: Ouch. Thats gotta hurt. Its probably the best reason why....damn..... Can I...
  18. kaBOOMn

    The F1 Image Caption Thread

  19. kaBOOMn

    2010 Turkish Grand Prix

    Oh and this was from the RB website! Good call. . .. ... Lets be honest, Seb is the more talented driver (but not better overall) and they have a bigger stake in him. I...