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    American downgrade vindicates coalition strategy Thank Christ we removed Labour from office last year, otherwise we would be in America's position right now; fucked. Say what you like about the...
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    Clarkson: The torygraph - Jeremy Clarkson criticised for parking in disability bay
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    Clarkson: The Express - JEREMY CLARKSON GETS TOWN TIP ON HIS DOORSTEP That hasn't gone well... :lol:
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    China dumping the dollar Nobody else slightly worried? If you ask me, China has a blatant interest in securing South African's abundant supply of gold, so as to diversify away from the US dollar and US treasuries. Most likely to...
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    Gilts and Pound Rise as Conservatives Widen Lead Turns out that overseas investors and credit rating agencies don't like the socialist governments of Europe anymore.
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    Gordon Brown on course to win election I'm in shock. I can't believe Cameron has moved the conservative party into a liberal position when the country and most people are moving to the right. Should Daniel Hannan choose to mount a military coup within the next two...
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    What has improved between 1997 - 2009 in your life? (UK)

    We often slag-off the labour party and post sensationalist Daily Mail headlines on these forums, but today, I?m in a fairly good mood and I?ve been thinking of what has definitely or moderately improved within my life from 1997-2009 under Labour. Feel free in posting a list of improvements...
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    Iceland EU membership bid Thoughts? Personally, I would have told them to F*** off. They were more than happy to stay outside of the EU during the so called "boom years," and leach off our fish. Suddenly now that their banking system has gone belly up, they're...
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    Spy bugs may be deployed for 2012 Olympics Don't worry, London's police have plenty of spare time and are fantastic at catching criminals. No innocent middle-aged men who sell newspapers for a living were beaten to death during a recent G20 summit and no...
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    UK Local Elections (June 2009)

    I figured this is the political forum and we've got local elections in under two weeks time, so let's have a thread and poll to see how the Brits of the forum are going to vote :D Poll options are private and others can't see which way you vote. My views on the parties; Labour (left wing)...
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    Boston Legal

    I don't believe that we have a thread for this show, yet. Quite suprising really :) A friend of mine made me watch this show with him about 5 years back and I didn't really enjoy it (figure I was too young). But I recently watched the first series and my goodness, this show is great :D William...
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    Another nail in the coffin for British society
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    If you could survive a plane crash with a TG presenter - which one?

    I've had some spare time recently and kept wondering about LOST and that movie where Tom Hanks is trapped on an island with a football :| I was wondering if you had a plane crash and you ended up alone on a small remote tropical island, which top gear presenter would be the most useful for...
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    Plane or Train toilets - which is harder to take a piss in?

    When it comes to taking a piss in one of those chemical toilets on board public transport, which is harder to use; plane or train? I supose women have it easier, because you can sit down and the effects of a bumpy train ride or turbulence in flight have a negligable effect. Even more to the...
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    No 56k: Canary Islands

    Some of my amateur photos taken from a recent trip :P :)
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    IF you could invade a country - which one and why?

    This thread is purely theoretical and am in no way in favour of war or genocide, but I'm just interested to see if you were in charge of your country and had the option to invade a country - whether you wanted to promote peace in that region, steal their resources, or you just became bored -...
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    Are you afraid of spiders?

    The ultimate man or mouse question; are you afraid of spiders? :| I have to admit that anything bigger than about 2CM scares the living crap out of me :mrgreen: I often wonder how some of you cope in Australia with all those giant, poisnous ones you have there. Trapdoor spider (thank god...
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    Have you ever cried at the end of a movie?

    Have you ever cried at the end of a movie? If "Yes," feel free to list them below! Allow me to start with my list; :cry: Titanic. :cry: Gladiator (was about 12 when I first watched it, so.. ). :cry: Shindler's List. :cry: Saving private Ryan (Not really a tear, but emotional).
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    Which is your favourite Finalgear moderator?

    Ugh, which is your favourite moderator on the forum? :rolleyes:
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    Blind_IO missed this one!

    Oh hi, this is Goose+ with the nanny state news. It appears our colleague Blind_IO has taken the day off sick, so I'm the anchor man today.. They've completely lost it, haven't they? When I get on my flight after completing my...