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  1. freakster_991

    Need Help

    hey people wassssap.... i wanna direct this question at the people of america.... my friend just started college in USA and he wants to buy a car... im not familiar with the american market so some advice would be good... he is a student in cali... he doesnt know much bout cars except tht he...
  2. freakster_991

    Malaysia under haze....smog

    well recently a bad haze has blanketed is so bad visibilty is so low... not only the smell of it is so bad u cannot go outdoors as it is very bad to health.... try burning a piece of paper....smell it.... but wit the paper u can put it out.... this one u cannot.... arghhhh we are...
  3. freakster_991

    help needed

    i remember seeing post of destroyed ferraris and expensive cars...i need the thread so that i can use the photos for my class presentation of rich and the reckless...pls help....i cant remember where i saw it i know the members on this forum are kickass and nice...they love to...
  4. freakster_991

    .BIN file

    I have downloaded this .BIN file...and im not sure how to open wondering if i have to get a program to open this file with....andy has told me to run it using NERO burning rom...well it did not can anyone help me on this matter...i appreciate it a lot...Oh btw...i think it is...
  5. freakster_991

    hey does anyone use this program?issit any good? hows the system?any adware? its a peer-to-peer network wonderin if it is good or sumtin on similar grounds
  6. freakster_991

    biker wawllpaper

    does any one know any good sites to get wallpapers of superbikes and choppers?i love cars and i noe which sites to get them from...but i also crave bikes...but cant find a site which has kewl papers....appreciate answers given
  7. freakster_991

    4cyl 20 valve 1.6....possible?

    issit possible to have 20 valves on a 4 cyl?cuz im thinkin of replacing my 1.3L corolla engine(1987-1988) to 20valve 1.6L...dunno how many not tat rich and this is a family car tats been passed down by my two bros who had it for 12 yrs....hence the old car.... but i see lots of tuned...
  8. freakster_991


    im not sure of this is supposed to be in this section,but i wanna know wats a DOHC and how does it work...i know it stand for Double Overhead Cam.,but wats it for ....and with wat issit related to...just wanna understand engines better...
  9. freakster_991

    what program to use to convert mp3 to other formats?

    i m lookin for a program that helps a person change mp3 to other formats... witout spyware and payin fo the program?oh and is it true the other formats compared to mp3 uses less memory
  10. freakster_991

    a chick in which car would turn u on the most

    man i was thinkin if i ever saw a chick in 4x4 truck which has been pimped,i would be damn turned on....maybe a chick in a tat be damn hot...i dunno if this thread has been to c wat u guys think
  11. freakster_991

    wats a moderator??

    andy says he wanna be a always askin him wats a moderator...he cant explain..can any one help me?!