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    I built a website to discuss TV shows while watching them -

    Basically, you signup and favorite the shows you plan to watch. Then we will email you when the show starts and send you a link to the chat. The discussion is meant to be live, so you can watch with others as they watch it. Check it out -
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    Gravity (movie)

    A medical engineer and an astronaut work together to survive after an accident leaves them adrift in space. 8.8/10 - 98% - 96% -
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    Genetic Algorithm for Evolving Cars (warning insanely addicting!) Post your furthest score using the seed word of "finalgear". So far my record is just over 195 meters. EDIT: "finalgear" might not be the best seed because of a hill that appears around ~150. Try seed "24427169" for a more "beatable" world. Other notable...
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    New Guinness World Record for top speed in a street-legal car
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    Ferdinand A. Porsche, Designer of the 911, Dies at 76
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    Goldman to Explore IPO of Formula One Business
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    Tesla model S Options and Pricing
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    How do you rate Top Gear episodes?

    I'm genuinely interested in how people here rate Top Gear episodes. For me it would go something like this. 10 - truly groundbreaking episode such as the polar special or the African special. This also includes other very good travel episodes such as Vietnam and the first American special. 9...
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    Cvilization V

    I'm surprised that no one has made a thread for this yet. Personally I loved Civ IV and am really looking forward to this. Here are some details.
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    The return of Super-zoom?
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    Great Moments in FinalGear History

    Anything that can be considered to be an achievement for finalgear (the website or the forums) should be posted here. First off, kind of late but, hammond wearing our helmet (not sure who to give credit to here, so feel free to give said credit) Also some of these reaching an important number...
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    What would be a good car for my parents?

    They want to spend <$30,000 on a sedan. They are leaning towards the Toyota Camry despite the fact that they just rented a new one while the old one was in repair and hated it:?. Its the only car they know. It has to be available in Northeastern USA btw.
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    Wolfram Alpha - Worth looking at

    Launches tomorrow - and video explaining it:
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    Ultimate All in one device - Pomegranate NS08 O btw
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    Most amazing hacking ever done

    :blink::blink::blink: I was going to put this in the cool vids thread(which I did), but I think it deserves its own thread.
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    Computer troubles

    My friends computer has got this urgent computer problem: His Dell latitude d620 is now broken. When he turns it on the power light comes on solidly and the scroll lock and caps lock blink. The num lock stays on solid. Nothing comes on the screen and the bios doesn't boot. It wasn't dropped on...
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    Itunes 8 problem

    I have recently acquired new copies of heroes and I want to put them in the tv shows category on itunes v8. The changed the get info options so that I can't select tv as category. I named it as the shows heroes, but i cant get it to move the files. plz help:cry:
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    $25,000 performance car Go!

    Yea so my friend has 25k to spend on a performance car. I told him he can get the the mustang or a Gti. He doesn't want those, so anybody got anything else?
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    Does anyone know a good technology forum?

    Preferably one that is open to the idea of hacking and using third party apps on licensed products i.e. Rockbox on iPod. Oh and plz don't say this one cuz I'm really having a day full of corny jokes already :P