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  1. skylock

    Amazon is advertising for Jeremy's job

    Temporary position. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Episode 2 trailer
  3. skylock

    James on This Morning Its nice to be liked. Ahhhhhh.
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    Spoilers: Holy Trinity. ..Funny Bits
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    The official start time on Friday.

    Amazon Prime has confirmed the launch time for The Grand Tour, the new Amazon Prime Video show from Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. The show will launch at 00:01 GMT on Friday 18th November, with new episodes released weekly for 12 weeks. Amazon Prime members can watch The...
  6. skylock

    One show

    @MrJamesMay and @RichardHammond are appearing on The One Show this evening. Never seen them so excited.
  7. skylock

    Grand tour nation Is looking for lovers of old top gear and the new grand tour for writing. 1 paid position and volunteers. Go to their page for more details.
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    The Grand Tour videos
  9. skylock

    Spoilers: New trailer for Friday
  10. skylock

    Spoilers: California filming EXCLUSIVE: Inside The Grand Tour Taping in California
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    Things they will not be allowed to do anymore because of legal reasons.

    I am ready to see the new show, but after watching the Wilman thing, I guess all the long standing jokes are now of the table. Things like calling jeremy an orangutan, running into the back of James. Do you think they can still call James capt Slow? I wonder if, I was the first to...
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    Random Thoughts CHM edition

    The boys have all joined Facebook. Jeremy did a Q&A. I didn't learn much, but I was surprised at how many questions he answered.
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    Show pushed back another week. May 29th now.
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    Watch the pod cast. It is very long, but you can download it for later.
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    Win Meet the guys in London. Chance to meet the guys in London. Good luck.
  16. skylock

    Last TG s22 show June 28

    I have seen it several places today that the last extended show will be shown June 28, 2015. My computer crashed so I can't give the source. Also, Jeremy has said he was offered the job back at Top Gear but he turned it down because of how he was treated, esp being compared to the child...
  17. skylock

    Fancy yourself as the new Jeremy Clarkson?

    Fancy yourself as the new Jeremy Clarkson? Jeep is looking for people like you... The iconic American manufacturer is offering motoring enthusiasts the chance to form part of its first ever Jeep Cherokee consumer panel, taking to the road and giving feedback on the brand new 4x4. As part of...
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    Do you think Chris Evans could replace Jeremy?

    That would be a no from me.
  19. skylock

    James is buying an electric car
  20. skylock

    Want Jeremy's Alfa 75?