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  1. araracd

    Racetrack experience: which car to choose?

    So here's the thing: i got one of those Smartbox experience voucher things for Christmas. This particular one is for a driving experience in a racetrack. And the choice of cars is: Ferrari F430 F1 - one lap Lamborghini Gallardo - one lap Porsche 996 Carrera 4S - two laps KTM X-Bow - two...
  2. araracd

    OMG, what a collection!

    Today, i was just going on my usual bike riding when, in a place i pass by a few times, i saw an MG (not sure which model but maybe a PB) parked by the sidewalk. I stood there watching for a while and i noticed there was a semi-open garage door a bit further away. I took a peek and saw what...
  3. araracd

    Video cataloging program

    Ok, i've searched this forum and i haven't found anything like this, so here goes: I need a program to catalog all the video files i have. In car videos alone i have an external disk packed with 300GB of them, 4 internal disks with more bucket loads of GBs, and now i've started moving some of...
  4. araracd

    Opel Corsa OPC Revealed I just want to say i like it.
  5. araracd

    Fiat 500 revealed in internet leak

    Don't think this is a repost, so here goes:
  6. araracd

    I drove a Porsche 911!

    I know this might not sound like much to most of you but i just felt like sharing this! Last weekend there was a classic and sports cars exhibit here in Portugal (will post pics as soon as i can). Along with it there was also an event with more modern sports cars and luxury cars for sale...
  7. araracd

    Special Stage in Portugal (no 56kps)

    Last weekend we had a special stage in my town center. Here are some pics of the cars that entered: Ford Escort & BMW Datsuns 1200 Datsun 1200 Fiat Cinquecento BMW M3 BMW 2002 Alfa Romeo Giulia Simca Renault 11 Renault 5 Turbo Fiat Punto GT Fiat Punto HGT Fiat Punto HGT...
  8. araracd

    Building Websites with OpenCms

    Can anyone get me or tell me where i can download the book: "Building Websites with OpenCms" by Matt Butcher Thanks :roll:
  9. araracd

    Vicki's Honda S2000

    I don't get it! Didn't they give away Vicki's Honda S2000? It's appeared in a couple of recent episodes. Or has she got another in the same colour?
  10. araracd

    The FISH site

    Does anyone know what happened to the fish site? It seems to have disappeared. PS: if you don't understand the question don't bother.
  11. araracd

    Clarkson's Jet Fighter

    Does anyone know in what video does JC show the Lightning jet fighter in his garden? Supposedly, when the plane arrived, his wife was saying why the hell she ended up marrying him. I have loads of JC's videos and series and i've never seen this. Another member of this forum says such video...
  12. araracd

    Windows 1, 2 and 3.

    Does anyone know where i can download the early versions of windows: 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0/3.11? Thanks!
  13. araracd

    Windows Install/Maintenance Classes

    In a few weeks time i'll start giving classes on Windows installing and maintenance. I'll be showing the students different Windows (2000, XP, Vista) in different versions (Home, Professional, Server, etc). What kind of stuff do you guys think would be important to show them about: ...
  14. araracd

    Cannonball Run Europe 2003 Full DVD + Extras

    Has anyone ever downloaded the torrent "Cannonball Run Europe 2003 Full DVD + Extras"? It's a dvd image of the original. I finnaly finished downloading it. And it doesn't have sound! The AUDIO_TS folder is empty. Anyone had the same problem?
  15. araracd

    Is there anyone who also used to check this site: ? It was a great site with compreehensive information about all cars made in italy. All of a sudden it just disappeared. Does anyone know what happened?
  16. araracd

    350 MB vs 700 MB

    I think we should be distributing the 350 MB episodes. We're having twice the size and to most people the higher quality just doesn't compensate. Not everyone has high speed connections. At the very least there should be the option between the 2 file sizes. Give your opinion!
  17. araracd

    Greatest Car - Something missing in the episodes

    My question is about those shows they did about the greatest car ever (in the 2nd series i think). They talked about some of them and had guest talking about others. I have all of the episodes and the problem is that in some of the episodes that part of the show is missing. Like, i have the...
  18. araracd

    New Lancia Delta

    About a month ago i read in a magazine that lancia might be considering producing a new Lancia Delta, supposedly based on the Fiat Stilo (which makes sense since it's the same type of car). Does anybody know anything about it? Best regard to all!
  19. araracd

    New Fiat Punto

    Don't think this is a repost so here goes: From the images (mostly spy-shots) below what do you think of the upcoming Fiat Punto?