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  1. Rumer

    Hammond: New TG Article From The Hamster

    It's about his Areomax. And OCD. The person he describes sounds like my husband. :lol: And I'm writing this even though I know he'll see it and, most likely, reply. :P
  2. Rumer

    Daytona vs. Boat, Parts 1 & 2

    For your viewing pleasure: "It's the boat for the guy who needs more carbon fibre in his life!" :lol:
  3. Rumer

    Can a Volt Get You Laid? Lutz Answers Tough Questions on Cobert Report
  4. Rumer

    James May: James May's Big Ideas Apparently, this will be out towards the end of September. Being the the pedantic, pilot-type that he is, I wonder what he thought of the Skycar (pictured in article).