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  1. Cavi Mike

    Clarkson: Clarkson at charity auction, commenting on TG

    I find it pretty amazing that it's easier to use google to keep tabs on what's going on. I was pretty sure this was a TG-centric website. Who woulda knew?
  2. Cavi Mike

    Wikipedia hint that TG goes on with May and Hammond?
  3. Cavi Mike

    Ownership Verified: Project "Doom Baby" The story of a '00 BMW 328Ci

    "Proof Pic" This is what it looked like when I brought it home last year, eBay mirrors and all. For the time being I put my SSR's on it. Fixed OEM mirrors, painted roof, lowered on Tein M3 S-Techs, carbon hood, test fit flares Helix LED tails and custom reverse lights Yellow...
  4. Cavi Mike

    Convertibles are not pickups.

    This recent episode gave me a bit of a laugh when they brought home a bunch of awkward items that couldn't possibly fit unless they took their roof off. What have you brung home in yours?