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  1. mpulztracker

    Suspension and MOT

    I bought an '02 Fiesta 6 months ago. After a while I started noticing that the front left tyre was wearing out near the outer edge... My local garage told me that it was due to a weak suspension arm, possibly a result of a shunt :( I also get a mild knocking sound when I go over speed bumps...
  2. mpulztracker

    Where can I source Vaio spares ?

    Hi guys, I have a Vaio SZ3HP which I bought around 3yrs ago. Since the past month the cooling fan is making quite a racket... and also the base of the laptop heats up more than usual. I guess its time to buy a new fan...But I cant seem to find a decent place to source the spares from :? (I'd...
  3. mpulztracker

    Trade seller or Private ?

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to buy a cheapo car under ?1200... I have never bought a car in the UK before.. I was wondering what's the best place to source the car from. Would you go to a Trade seller ( used car dealership etc) or a private seller ? Cheers
  4. mpulztracker

    High end car insurance ?

    Does anyone know how much would it cost in insurance for Maser Granturismo, Gallardo, 997 turbo etc in the UK for 25-30yr olds?
  5. mpulztracker

    Behind the scenes....

    A Times online article on whats behind the scenes on TopGear. Togear might be in for only one more season :x , apparently...,,22750-2270385,00.html
  6. mpulztracker

    D'oh !

    Some classic Homerspeak : If I'm laughing at what I think I am, it's very funny.... Yello!(Homer Simpson version of "hello") Marge, don't discourage the boy! Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It's what separates us from the animals! Except the weasel. ...and then our kids will...
  7. mpulztracker

    Jeremy Clarkson vs Piers Morgan

    Clarkson punched The Dialy Mirror editor Piers Morgan , aboard the last flight of Concorde last year... Does anyone know anything about this !!??
  8. mpulztracker

    Damon Hill ridicules Clarkson !!

    Damon Hill has written an article on the Sunday Times ..about Ford GT.... Read on...chaps.... ;),,22750-1742033,00.html
  9. mpulztracker

    Jeremy's super sad Talkshow CLARKSON

    Has anyone watched any episode of Clarkson? get me wrong I am a big fan of JC but the show sucked big time. It seemed like a pathetic parade of his magnified self. The jokes he cracks in the beginning are the saddest part. I say he should stick to shows like Topgear. 8) :lol:
  10. mpulztracker

    Pikes peak !!!!??

    Anyone on this board been to pikes peak ??
  11. mpulztracker

    Topgear 2005

    when is Topgear supposed to start again ?
  12. mpulztracker

    May 23 2004 TopGear ep anyone ?

    Can someone pls Yousendit the May 23 , 2004 ep of topgear . I am in a university and all Torrents and P2P are banned. I already got busted once for using BitTorrent. It would be nice if anyone posted the May23, 2004 ep of TG .and the Dec 19th 2004 ep too. (The one with the Plane Vs Ferrari )