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  1. C3Vette

    Do you heel-toe on the street?

    Depends on the car I'm driving and the mood I'm in. Sometimes I feel like playing around and heel-toe when coming to an intersection, and of course when doing spirited driving in the twisties. I do rev match almost all the time, makes for a smoother ride and it's fun, especially if the car I'm...
  2. C3Vette

    Unveiled: 2014 Mini 5-door

    The lights are fugly. Front and back.
  3. C3Vette

    Ownership Verified: Sports car: Corvette

    Manual C4, you don't see those too often. Congrats! I'd rock one.
  4. C3Vette

    Unveiled: 2014 Volvo XC90

    That matte finish on the materials does work rather well.
  5. C3Vette

    The Daddy is back. 991 GT3 RS spied.

    That Cayman could be the best handling sports car that money can buy straight out the factory.
  6. C3Vette

    2015 Dodge Challenger Refresh

    hey that's not bad! The front looks like something from 44 years ago :P
  7. C3Vette

    Unveiled: 2014 VW Passat

    It's a Volkswagen, what do you guys expect? They are conservative looking for a reason.
  8. C3Vette

    Ownership Verified: I finally made up my mind on a car, My 2009 STi.

    Duh, ofcourse it's yay! Great news evenhough you have to wait for couple weeks to get your car back but that's better than paying for the damage and waiting.
  9. C3Vette

    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    lovely :cool:
  10. C3Vette

    Concept: Mercedes-Benz Concept Coupe SUV

    I kind of like it. The rear is okay. I also like the X6, I might be slightly mad or a hipster.
  11. C3Vette

    Ownership Verified: La voiture pour Le Galantti

    Niiiiice :cool:
  12. C3Vette

    Ownership Verified: My 1990 Saab 900S Turbo

    Why not. I'd propably tint them yellow just like in that yellow cabrio. Some might think it's too 'no pokemon shit' and 'pappalook' but I think it would look good and fit the vintage of the car.
  13. C3Vette

    Ownership Verified: frankiess's Peugeot 406 Coup? '03

    After reading the list of things you don't like about the car, I can't help but wonder why did you trade the mazda to this? Did you even test drive the 406 before doing the trade? Still, it sure is a good looking car. Sad that it's beauty is just skin deep.
  14. C3Vette

    Our "own" car reviews

    MkIV's are mighty expensive over here so I think if he could afford to buy it, he's got the dough to keep it running aswell. And if the twins do get knackered, then you have a good reason to go single turbo :cool: And what comes to the NA supras, they're not worth the money and you basically...
  15. C3Vette

    e60 530i sport

    Lovely! I've always liked the E60 bodystyle. It sure has aged well! I'd love to own a remapped 535d m-sport, those things haul ass. Maybe someday :P
  16. C3Vette

    Ownership Verified: My 1000-Piece-Puzzle

    that's one hell of a hairstyle :D
  17. C3Vette

    BMW CS Vintage Concept - E9 reimagined

    I do like it, the front with the narrow kidneys just doesn't work for me. Never been fan of those. In the E9 they look just fine, but there's just something wrong with the front of the concept. Loving the rear, interior and the side profile though.