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  1. Genesis_73

    Series 22 Spoilers

    Looks like Clarkson is doing some more Eagle Speedster praising >>> (Found on the Eagle E-Types Facebook page)
  2. Genesis_73

    RWD Car Challenge Quote Question

    Hi, I have a random question for the seasoned English people of Final Gear. At the start of the challenge, Jeremy quotes what I suppose must be a reference to an old English TV show (Minder) starting with what sounds like 'Alright Chell...' I would love to know what he actually says (in that...
  3. Genesis_73

    will there be top gear after Jeremy?

    Thought about these three as possible replacements, while it however a crazy thing to worry about. - Chris Harris - Steve Coogan - Chris Evans My thoughts were that they all have good senses of humor- but different senses of humor. They are all obsessed with cars, and have owned many. It...
  4. Genesis_73

    The Stig: Top Gear Season Montage Soundtrack

    Series 16 montage showed at the start of 15x07: AC/DC - Shoot to Thrill - - - Updated - - - And I do apologize, Depeche Mode was played on Series 6, and Paul Oakenfold in series 5. No montage series 4.
  5. Genesis_73

    The Stig: Top Gear Season Montage Soundtrack

    Series 02: Fatboy Slim - Ya Mama Series 03: The Strokes - Reptilia Series 04: Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go Series 05: Depeche Mode - Nothing (headcleanr rock mix) Series 07: Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To? Series 19: The Maccabees - Pelican Any help?
  6. Genesis_73

    Top Gear viewing figures

    Family Fortunes getting 5.3m? What is going on these days. I would have expected TG to have got more than that with it being the 'most watched' TV show worldwide.
  7. Genesis_73

    Unveiled: 2013 Renault Captur

    The silver roof reminds me of the old Avantime
  8. Genesis_73

    Unveiled: 2014 Lexus IS

    "The first official pictures of the all-new Lexus IS have been released, revealing powerful and elegant exterior styling and a cabin that is more spacious and driver-focused. Even at first glance it is clear to see how faithful Lexus has remained to the acclaimed LF-CC concept car that trailed...
  9. Genesis_73

    Random Twitter sightings

    I was just wondering what site you use to get this information?
  10. Genesis_73

    Autoblog: Official: Jaguar teams up with Williams F1 to build the C-X75

    :( I was really looking forward to this. It has been too long since Jaguar had a super/hypercar
  11. Genesis_73

    Unveiled: 2013 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

    Oh dear. I am not a fan of the sudden change to soft, rounded shapes. It makes the front end look a bit messy.
  12. Genesis_73

    Clarkson quote for a wedding?

    Where is this from?
  13. Genesis_73

    Top Gear: Official Full Episodes Now Up On YouTube!

    Not available in my country D:
  14. Genesis_73

    Autoblog: iQ fU: Aston Martin Cygnet with V12 power possible?

    How would this work? Maybe it could be mid engined. So we could have another W12 Golf on our hands here
  15. Genesis_73

    Jaguar to offer manual transmissions again

    About bloody time :D Seriously though, I was worried the F-Type would only be an auto, which would stop me from having one and a 911 instead.
  16. Genesis_73

    Jeremy Reveals "Epic Race" on Twitter

    To be honest I doubt that the BBC would have a branded trailer for filming, it would just attract unwanted attention including the media to them. You see what happens to them when they are found out to be filming in a country, see any abroad trip film.
  17. Genesis_73

    Ford to end Australian manufacturing in 2016

    well looks like my family will have to relocate somewhere else then. My fathers job offer at ford is what brought us to this fantastic place
  18. Genesis_73

    Question about quote regarding Werther's Originals

    series 1 episode 2 when a man guesses correctly how many motorcycles a bus can jump
  19. Genesis_73

    Hammond's new project for 2013

    Hammond has really been letting himself down with these crappy commercialized tv shows
  20. Genesis_73

    Clarkson: Jeremy to appear on Countryfile

    better than watching the voice that's for sure