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  1. Alkusoittow

    New TGUS on BBC America: Episode 1

    Admins: Feel free to move to the specific episode forum (I can't post there) It appears that BBC America is streaming the entire episode online for free (ad supported): Streaming quality was...
  2. Alkusoittow

    The celebrity situation... it's getting worse

    Probably the most commonly held criticism of any form of Top Gear has been the SIARPC/SIARFC/SIA___ segment. This seems to be a common theme regardless of the format, country, presenters, or track. While I think the new iteration of Top Gear is a massive improvement over last year's disaster...
  3. Alkusoittow

    Top Gear USA devolving into typical low-class reality TV...

    By season 3 & 4, Top Gear US was shaping up to be a great show with it's own format (no SIARPC, one long segment per episode, etc). I've been happy watching it, but this season shows that History Channel's producers are leaning in on Top Gear to format themselves like their other obviously fake...
  4. Alkusoittow

    Oh... Emm... Gee...

    Normally I'm not one to use such silly phrases and acronyms, but there was no other way to describe my joy and excitement, because... :banana: I got 4 tickets to the taping on October 16th!! :banana: Now, I'm sure some of you are thinking "yeah but it's too much standing" or "yeah but TG USA...
  5. Alkusoittow

    The Stig Drives a dining room table?? ... Nah, not the stig, but still pretty funny :lol: Here's more info from the Telegraph:
  6. Alkusoittow

    Jeremy Clarkson skeet shooting... car targets... What show is this from?? I can't find any reference in the Top Gear episode guides!
  7. Alkusoittow

    What should I do to make this picture more interesting?

    So I want to do a 3-panel piece with this, probably with 16x16 frames. I like the picture, I like the sky, etc... but I feel like the area under the mountains is seriously lacking in interest. What would you all recommend for filler? Or do think it's fine the way it is?