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    [02x08] January 26, 2018

    I don't post often. I feel that I have to express that this was one of my favorite Grand Tour episodes ever. It picked up where last weeks show left of and didn't have a single weak element. - Aston/Jag/Civic bit was awesome. Idk if James was the right one to drive the civic as he's always...
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    Bugatti Chiron (Veyron successor) spied during testing

    Usually well below 300 km/h (186mph). Depending on headwind, weight, airframe etc. between 240 km/h and 290km/h.
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    Unveiled: Mercedes-AMG Project One

    They revealed the powertrain this week in Pebble Beach. Looks quite promising... "Mercedes-AMG has revealed the technology behind its forthcoming Project One hypercar, which is due to be unveiled at the Frankfurt show in September. And the hardware lives up to the hype: The ultimate AMG will...
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    Baillon Barn Collection

    14.200.000? for the Ferrari 250GT SWB. Not bad.
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    Unveiled: 2014 Jeep Renegade

    Looks Aztekish to me. I don't like it.
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    McLaren 650S

    The 650s looks like it could have been made by any half decent tuner company as a way for 12C owners to get some P1 looks on their cars....
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    News: Ferrari F70 - The Enzo successor [LaFerrari]

    I don't think the weight is that much of an issue. The Nissan GT-R Nismo weighs 1720kg, has 595bhp and is currently 4th in the overall Nordschleife Laptimes beating out much lighter and much more powerful cars thanks to its 4-wheel drive. I expect this to be very close around the Top Gear Test...
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    Toyota FT-1 concept

    The Roofline and windows remind me of this baby.
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    McLaren P1 beats Porsche 918 round Nordschleife, McLaren just "forgot" the proof.

    It's like elementary school: Porsche are putting themselves out there, giving a time and prove thereof, with video and all. Mclaren are going "we are faster but don't need to prove it" and Ferrari are keeping awfully quiet. It's silly. It's 5:11am. I am drunk
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    The McLaren F1 successor

    Still no pics anywhere that show the engine bay?
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    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    Gorgeous except for the headlights. :sick:
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    Cool/Awesome Car Commercials
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    Officially Official: Porsche releases 918 hybrid details, priced from $845,000!

    The 918 was running on "Michelin Sport Pilot PS2" tires. Yeah that Capri is/was a monster along with the 935s and March M1s of that time... To think they did those speeds with little crash structure to stop them from dying is unbelievable. There's a neat piece on Speedhunters on the Zakspeed...
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    Officially Official: Porsche releases 918 hybrid details, priced from $845,000!

    Sport Auto were witnesses to the whole thing as well. And I am sure you know the difference between a pre production prototype and a LMP or group C prototype and were making a joke ;) Turns out the Radicals are only street legal by special application in the UK, so I'm saying the production 918...