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  1. Old Lace

    Can't connect via Bluetooth via Samsung A256

    Sorry to go all noob here but I'm politely requesting help as my technical knowledge of cellphones is a bit limited. ---- Friend of mine gave me his A256 as he got an iPhone and I'm fed up with my Motorola Razr, it's stupid buttons and the battery/phone issues. New phone's great and all but for...
  2. Old Lace

    What causes a scrambled screen?

    I can't remember how many times that this has happened but when the desktop is left to idle sometimes the screen does this weird diagonal scrambled line thing and I don't know what causes it. Sometimes I get lucky and I can figure it out and fix it but this makes me scratch my head. Can someone...
  3. Old Lace

    testing playlist sig thingy

    Testing 1 2 3
  4. Old Lace

    Need help with schedule

    Does anyone know how many hours weekly you need to have in order to qualify as a full-time student? I'm currently making my 3rd semester schedule and its only about 19 hrs/wk with Fridays off.
  5. Old Lace

    King St. Pub Crawl?

    Not too sure if I should post this here but hey, it's the Food forum in the OT section so... For those who live in/around Toronto, has anyone attended the King St. pub crawl? I've never attended before and I'm curious about the experience. What else is there to do besides getting a good buzz...
  6. Old Lace

    "Hammers are the tools of Pikey's."-Who said it?

    I thought Clarkson had said it but I have this vague memory now that it was May during a challenge. Naturally, my mind's all confuddled now so I thought I would post as one of you lot would know the answer to this.