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  1. Buffy_09

    HELP! Poster photoshop

    OK. I'm doing a Marketing project, which is due on Thursday afternoon. We have to make an ad for a surfing company, and basically all our means of getting the thing done (Graphics Design students, Print/design shop, etc) fell through. The ad idea we have is this the guy at the desk is dreaming...
  2. Buffy_09

    Political Correctness Gone Mad in Irish University. Basically, a professor of Behavioural Science in UCC showed his colleagues an article about...
  3. Buffy_09

    Cool commercials from around the globe.

    While we have the "Commercials that annoy thr @#$% out of you" thread, I thought it might be good to see some cool ads around. Here's some of my favourites DTNBmFveq2U *You won't get the joke if you can't speak Irish. Basically he is talking complete nonsense* ueKvBThaqR4 eXf93CEI4t0...
  4. Buffy_09

    Weird Dreams Thread

    Some of ye know about some of the weird and crazy dreams I have been having lately, particularly the being hypnotised dream, the farmer guy trying to shoot me, the random appearance of the Joker, and my recent dream of playing tennis with Richard Hammond. I though maybe people could post here...
  5. Buffy_09

    Crazy/Wierd things you did as a child

    Inspired/stolen from another message forum, I thought it might be fun to think of some childhood memories of wierd/funny things people have done.:) I'll start. When I was around 2/3, I was in the kitchen with my family, and my mum was cooking breakfast. She was putting some sausages on the...
  6. Buffy_09

    7 Days to Go!!!

    With just about 174 hours to go till the new series, I thought, to keep us going, we would pull together some Youtube vids of our favourite moments.:D Here's some of mine... LvLCvdeWcsw 8nxtXsOwdFw 7GEirS0BJN0 Feel free to add :)
  7. Buffy_09

    I can't upload images

    When I'm posting in a thread, I click the "Insert image" icon on the tool bar to put up a pic, but all that happens is the forum page comes up, in a squashed up page. And this is putting it into threads like "1001 uses for...", so the images are obviously enabled... Does anyone know what I can...
  8. Buffy_09


    They lost to the Choir boys!!!!!!:mad::mad: