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    Hey Guys

    Re: Hey Guys so whats it take to get banned around here?? :twisted: this forum is ok. it reminds me of another forum that i often go to, but its down now... :evil:
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    He won!!!

    Re: He won!!! its spelled "Governator" ;) and he is the only the Governator ELECT, he hasnt taken office yet. and it shouldnt have come to any suprise. more people in CA know more about "Kindergarten Cop" than they do about how their government. so y vote for someone that they know...
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    Favorite Car?

    McLaren F1 and all its variants(1995-97 F1 GTR, F1 LM, F1 GT).
  4. S Forum Down

    be they Jew, Christian, or Daoist, everybody gets off when its "Jew-time"
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    this sucks. without the forum, i have no life at all. no i have to actually go to work and school and make out with some girl i barely know. oh well, nice way to get more traffic into ur forum, 007!! INGENIOUS!! so what do u guys think? Viper or Vette?