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    Late Forza Buyer - Best deal for expansion packs?

    Hey guys. So i only just got around to purchasing Forza 4. I'm a little disappointed in the amount of content only available through DLC. My question is, what is the cheapest way to get as much content as I can. Looking at the marketplace there's Season's passes, monthly packs, Porsche Packs...
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    GM's answer to the Raptor/PowerWagon

    News forum needs more truck. GMC Sierra All Terrain HD Concept (note the shamelessly stolen ramboxes)
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    Random Thoughts [Automotive News]

    A place for those little automotive news tidbits that aren't quite significant enough to deserve their own thread. You know, so you don't have to revive that months-old thread about a car just because they've built a special version of it. Maybe this catches on, maybe not.
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    Omar Khadr - Last Westerner in GBay

    Anyone got any thoughts on this whole multi-year fiasco? The trial finally started this week so hopefully there's a resolution soon. Regardless of whether or not he's guilty of the crimes he's accused of, I'm damn sure the guys a "terrorizer" now. Eight years in Guantanamo could make anyone...
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    Zombie Apocalypse Car!

    So this article got me thinking: Agree/Disagree? What ride will you choose for the inevitable zombie invasion? Remember it will be far easier to get your hands on a civilian vehicle rather than spend eons searching for some...
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    Renault Latitude

    NetCatshow: So the french have taken to designing cars the Chinese way? I mean it looks fine, but there's so much copycat going on here. Genesis, Phaeton, LS, etc...
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    Dream Garage - Concept Edition

    (Obligatory apology if this one's been done already, searching turned up nothing) -Choose 5 concept cars that you would keep in your Garage. -These will be the only cars you own, so allocate your resources accordingly. -Being concepts ignore things like reliability, costs, etc... assume perfect...
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    Concept: Chevy Volt MPV

    Looks nice for what it is, and good to see that GM has plans for the volt beyond the sedan. But the question is will the volt ever actually make it out?
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    Importing a used car from USA to Canada.

    I'm in the market for a used car and am trying to figure out if looking across the border can give me any benefits. There is certainly greater selection down south, but will I run into hidden costs, duties, or possible inadmission to Canada? I've been trying to figure this out on the Transport...
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    Motorsports are boring...

    Not trying to offend with the title, just trying to entice you into my thread.:) But seriously I've always had a general disinterest in motorsports, and feel kinda guilty about it considering my massive love of cars. So I want you to change this. What are some of the most exciting racing events...
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    Who knows that you write on a forum?

    I'll be honest, Finalgear is one of my guilty little pleasures. None of my friends know I go on here. Where I'm from forums are considered extremely geeky/nerdy or something like that. It's not that I'm embarrassed about writing on a forum and am trying to hide it, I just don't feel the need to...
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    O Canada is sexist

    I'll assume that no one outside Canada has really heard much about this, but apparently it's becoming quite an issue. A movement has been started by a group of feminists to change the lyrics to the Canadian National Anthem because of it's "sexist nature" has been in the news a lot lately. The...
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    Best episode for introducing TG to a newbie?

    So I discovered Top Gear while off at school and have been meaning to get my dad, a fellow car nut, into it. What do you think would be the best first episode to show him? I'm trying to choose between a solid episode that follows usual format (car review, news, challenge, etc.), Or one of the...
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    Vancouver Olympics Games thread

    With the Olympic games starting this week I think it makes sense to have a thread dedicated to them. So post any and all Olympic sporting news or thoughts here. Canada's taking the lead in medals this year, I'm calling it now.
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    Ram (lets try this again shall we)

    Well after the tremendous success of my first thread here, I figured I'd try once more. Here is my Dodge Ram 1500 (w proof): *For those of you who were questioning the Audi with my truck from the my first thread, its now in the family cars thread.
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    Track Day

    Edit: Probably doesn't deserve it's own thread but I put it up before noticing the "other random sightings" sticky. My bad... Snapped a few shots while at Shannonville Race track with my Pa way back in the summer. Sorry they're uploads, I'm really not familiar with using imageshack or such sites.
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    My Ram 1500. Hemi makes me happy. In the drive: On the Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia (brilliant road!) Great in the winter! Parked beside my pa's car
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    replacement for RS4?

    Update: Search is over - see page 3 Not my RS4, but my old mans. It's a company car and due for a replacement. I need to brainstorm a few ideas or else he'll end up with a Panamera 4S, and thats just plain ugly. AWD is preferable for canadian winters.