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    [02x01] May 11th, 2009 - Episode Discussion

    Since no one has created a thread for the post airing discussion of episode 02x01 i thought id create this thread for all discussion related to this episode until a proper thread i created.
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    I think ive just realised what the problem is

    There was something abit off about the first episdoe which i couldnt put my finger on at first but then i rewatched it and found out. TGUK is a show which runs for 60 minutes while TGA only runs for around 45 minutes. As a result everything felt quite rushed as they tried to get through as much...
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    Top Gear England vs Top Gear America vs Top Gear Australia

    Am i the only one who thinks we need a full episode (maybe next year) devoted to England vs USA vs Australia with the presenters from all 3 shows competing against each other for the pride of their nations. After watching the England vs germany episode at the end of season 11 i think this...
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    Overseas Broadcasting?

    What makes Top Gear such a success is the fact that it is broadcasted all over the world and has a potential audience of over a billion people. I was just wondering does anyone know what countries Top Gear Australia will be broadcasted in other than Australia?
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    Top Gear Australia: Time?

    Just a quick question which may seem obvious but i just want to confirm. Since it is being broadcast on SBS which is showing adverts these days will Top Gear Australia episodes only be 42 minutes long instead of the 60 minutes for the UK version and if so what will the Australian version not...
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    They have changed the music

    I am watching Top Gear in Australia (episode 902) on SBS and they are doing the Bugatti Veyron to its top speed segment and i remember when i watched it originally a year ago they played the Star Wars music but on the version i just watched the Star Wars music was gone and replaced with...
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    Vauxhall VXR8 review

    Vauxhall VXR8 That?s one hell of a Vauxhall you've got there... Don?t let the badge fool you. It reads Vauxhall but underneath that chunky sheetmetal is Holden?s new Commodore Clubsport R8 with a higher spec GTS interior. Re-badged as the VXR8, and wearing a barely believable ?35,105 price...
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    Clarkson admits 'Top Gear' will return

    JEREMY Clarkson has confirmed he will be returning to front a new series of Top Gear. The TV presenter, 46, left the future of the BBC2 show in doubt last week after telling viewers there would "not be a new series". But last night he said: "Everyone seems to think the programme is finished or...