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  1. Coconut Chucker

    Movie theater popcorn

    So I was bored at work today, and using a standard that I learned recently plus nutrition information, I calculated the caloric content of the various popcorn sizes where I work and the butter. I just felt like sharing my results, well, somewhere. Unfortunately, all my calculations are done in...
  2. Coconut Chucker

    2011 Rugby World Cup

    Starting this thread on an impulse since I was thinking about the All Blacks and their failed Tri Nations campaign. What the hell happened with that anyway, I don't know. How we lose 18-5 against a team that we had dominated 40-7 just weeks earlier is a mystery to me. Anyway, for those of you...
  3. Coconut Chucker

    2011 Tri Nations series

    Kicks off this weekend. Will be the last "tri" nations series, as Argentina will be joining the competition next year. The schedule (shortened to six weeks due to it being a World Cup year): 23 July: Australia vs. South Africa (Sydney) 30 July: New Zealand vs. South Africa (Wellington) 6...
  4. Coconut Chucker

    Sleeping position

    While we're having inane threads like over/under for toilet paper and what you wash first in the shower, I thought of this one to add to the drivel. I sleep like I'm in a coffin. On my back with my hands folded across my stomach.
  5. Coconut Chucker

    General cricketing thread

    Not sure how dead this thread will be, and I've been tempted to start one many times, but today's England vs. Sri Lanka test finally made me want to. In case anyone missed it, this test in Cardiff suffered from lots of rain interruption. I don't think a single day started on time, and with...
  6. Coconut Chucker

    What would have been - 2010

    This morning, I got bored, and recalculated the 2010 season standings using the 2003-2009 points system of 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1. Not too many differences to note, I'll just post them without commentary. Drivers and constructors are listed in the order that they actually finished in 2010, with what...