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  1. MacGuffin

    Ownership Verified: I was looking for a new car. Instead I got a horse...

    My Tiguan's history. It served its purpose, which from the beginning was just being a downpayment for something more interesting. Currently I'm quite fed up with what's happening in the German car industry, so I decided to do my part in balancing the trans-Atlantic trade deficit and buy...
  2. MacGuffin

    Ferdinand Piech leaves VW supervisory board

    That came unexpected. Looks like his dominating days are over.
  3. MacGuffin

    Ownership Verified: My first ever factory-new car: VW Tiguan 1.4 TSI

    So... Some chat members already knew it beforehand: First time in my life I got a brandnew car. A pepper grey metallic 2015 VW Tiguan 1.4 TSI. So why this car and why now? Firstly I must point out that my previous car, a 1999 Golf IV 1.6, was showing signs of age. And I don't necessarily...
  4. MacGuffin

    World Car of the Year Awards 2014 69 car journalists from two dozen countries chose their winners for 2014. And the result is a clean sweep for German car makers: 2014 World Car of the Year: AUDI A3 2014 World Luxury Car: MERCEDES-BENZ S-CLASS 2014 World Performance Car: PORSCHE 911 GT3 2014 World...
  5. MacGuffin

    GM to Pull Chevy From Europe to Focus on Expanding Opel

    I suppose it's good new for Opel/Vauxhall, since GM now finally seems to have developed the common sense to quit the internal brand cannibalism in Europe.
  6. MacGuffin

    Porsche wants to make the Panamera look more attractive

    And they unleashed a prototype onto the Californian roads: I think this is how the Panamera should have looked from the start.
  7. MacGuffin

    New Smart "Forjeremy"

    Smart has gone nuts. They told Lady Gaga's fashion designer to design a new Smart model - and he did. The designer's name is Jeremy Scott, so the car is called Smart Forjeremy - and it will be produced. I reckon that another Jeremy we all know, will not be too happy about that name :P
  8. MacGuffin

    Nobel Peace Price for the European Union - Justified or not?

    I'm surprised this obviously hasn't been discussed yet, considering the reaction on the forum after the prize was given to Obama, which in my eyes was much more unjustified - especially on hindsight. But the question is: Is it justified or not to award the EU with the Peace Nobel Prize? Or is...
  9. MacGuffin

    Court Rules Seized Multimillion Mercedes 500 K Belong to Heirs

    This could become interesting, if it is taken as a precedent, because it is known that many allied soldiers felt they had the right to help themselves with nice goodies from the conquered country: Obviously the car used to be green and in perfect condition, when it was brought to America by a...
  10. MacGuffin

    ADAC breakdown statistics for 2011

    New stuff for number crunchers and statistic lovers: The 2011 breakdown report of the German car club ADAC has been released. I made these scans fresh from the current member magazine (they're German but self-explanatory. If you have questions, ask): And here is a diagram of the cause for...
  11. MacGuffin

    My personal car reviews: Audi A4 Avant 2.0 TDI

    I have an internal ticklist about what cars I would like to drive in order to get a firsthand opinion on them. The Audi A4 has long been on that ticklist but so far I have always become tempted by more appealing cars. But I realized, that the A4 is still a somewhat dead spot on my driving...
  12. MacGuffin

    My personal car reviews: Opel Insignia CDTI

    I have been curious about the Opel Insignia ever since it came out. Because it's supposed to be the car that saves Opel from bankruptcy. And on a worldwide scale it currently represents General Motors' sharpest weapon, the most competitive and most important platform. In essense the future of...
  13. MacGuffin

    China Puts the Brakes on Foreign Automakers

    Since nobody brought it up yet, I'll post it here. I suppose it was only a question of time.
  14. MacGuffin

    My personal car reviews: Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

    I never thought I was ever going to drive a bigger, heavier and bulkier car, than the Audi Q7. But as it happens, I got the opportunity to get a Mercedes GL over the Christmas weekend and I took the opportunity, not being in the mood for anything fast and furious anyway. And yes, it's the one...
  15. MacGuffin

    My personal car reviews: Audi A8 4.2 TDI

    It?s been a while, since a car exceeded my expectations. The last time it happened with the E-Class Coup? and that was already 3 years ago. Since then I drove lots of cars, that more or less matched my expectations or didn?t match them for the worse. In time I thought it was hard to still...
  16. MacGuffin

    My personal car reviews: BMW 335i Cabrio

    This weekend will be a double feature for me: Two car reviews within three days. The story behind it is quickly told: I saw that Audi A8 4.2 TDI at the car rental, when I brought back the GTI, one of very few A8's the rental has in its fleet -- and it usually is only available at airports...
  17. MacGuffin

    All things crispy and crunchy

    Another thread for unhealthy food :) We have the candy thread, the soda thread, the beer thread, etc. but I noticed we don't have a thread on crisps yet (at least I haven't found one). So here it is: Everyhing crispy and crunchy goes in here! I make a start with some of my favourites...
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    My personal car reviews: Volkswagen Golf GTI

    Yes, it's time for one of my car reviews again, before winter comes and pretty much prevents all fun with speeding. So for a weekend full of fun I got this: Yeah, a Golf. In white. With 4 doors and boooooring standard rims coming with the winter tyres. And with a dent in the left...
  19. MacGuffin

    My personal car reviews: BMW 740d xDrive

    Last year in April I already had one of the current BMW 7-series, the 730d. But since I needed that car for a rather long trip to southern Germany then, there wasn't enough time for a proper review or to make videos. So the review back then was a bit short and hasty. I promised myself to be more...
  20. MacGuffin

    Gourmet restaurants - Have you ever been in one and how was it?

    I've just returned home from a visit to a gourmet restaurant here in town, run by an award-winning chef and I must say, that it was a very special experience. The whole dinner lasted three-and-a-half hours and consisted of 4 to 9 courses. I must say I am impressed. Like most people, I heard a...