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  1. RdKetchup

    Forum Suggestions/Issues

    Just made a post, had to click the post button 3 or 4 times before it actually posted. This is from a mobile phone. The times it didn't work, it showed it's trying to post, then stop with nothing done, and no errors. Edit: Now the post here worked on the first try.
  2. RdKetchup

    Ownership Verified: Nitrous Blue 2018 Focus RS

    And of course after putting the PSC2 back on, this happened yesterday:
  3. RdKetchup

    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    I still remember driving in the USA and getting flashed by oncoming drivers because of the DRLs 🤣
  4. RdKetchup

    Ownership Verified: Nitrous Blue 2018 Focus RS

    Today I reinstalled the summer tire/wheel combo. While the outside of PSC2 shows between 2.55 and 3.30mm of thread, the inside seems to be in much worst shape. So I will need to start shopping for PS4Ss this week.
  5. RdKetchup

    Last movie you saw?

    It was better than the sequels.
  6. RdKetchup

    Last movie you saw?

    Such a great movie, good thing they didn't screw it up by turning it into a trilogy that makes no sense.
  7. RdKetchup

    Food! [The thread that started this section]

    Reminds me of the time I was alone in my hotel room in New Jersey, drinking single malt and eating starbursts. It might have been a low point of my life :LOL:
  8. RdKetchup

    Ford's Mustang Mach E

    Damn you, you now have me configure one!
  9. RdKetchup

    Someone Else's Problem: My Summer Car - D-Fence's 2021 Z4 M40i (NOT A SUPRA)

    I love the colour. Not that it should come as a surprise...
  10. RdKetchup

    Word association game

  11. RdKetchup

    Covid 19 CRISIS

    Vaccination in Quebec is being extended to everyone over 60 throughout the province, and people under 60 with chronic disease and essential workers in the Montreal region. Today they also started vaccination of anyone over 55 in Montreal in AZ specific vaccination clinics. No appointment...
  12. RdKetchup

    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    Krieger disagrees...
  13. RdKetchup

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Just checked the first page of the news section, 16 out of 20 threads are about electric vehicles. Sign of the times I guess.
  14. RdKetchup

    2021 Formula 1 Season Thread
  15. RdKetchup

    Desert Island Discs and discussion

    The Cure - Fascination Street Tool - Aenima Alice In Chains - Rooster Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb Mononc' Serge - Charlie Hebdo Ministry - Stigmata Front Line Assembly - Mindphaser Lamb of God - Embers Book: Brett Easton Ellis - Less than Zero Movie: Snatch
  16. RdKetchup

    Word association game

    OT: If you delete your post, you can start a forum war :ROFLMAO:
  17. RdKetchup

    Let's have a laugh

    Speaking of which, saw that this morning: