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  1. jakifirbec

    Cancer Sucks

    Thank You Viper, RIP.
  2. jakifirbec

    The General Motorbikers Discussion Thread

    Still it is very comfortable. For slow rides I always use it - flip up is brilliant for glasses. For serious riding I have HJC RPHA10 and is considerably more stable and light. How is your CBF1000 behaving? Any issues yet?
  3. jakifirbec

    The General Motorbikers Discussion Thread

    How is the wind sound in the Schuberth? I have the C3 and I find it quite loud and quite wobbly at speed.
  4. jakifirbec

    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    Well it is a commercial for a swimming pool, and it says that the pool is our sea, so he has a point, besides we are quite silly :)
  5. jakifirbec

    The Best Pub Names

    I liked the Teddy beer, in france somewhere.
  6. jakifirbec

    Your useless knowledge?

    I studied history, so everything i learned in college is useless :)
  7. jakifirbec

    The secrets behind the names of places

    Sarajevo - Here is the palace? hehe They named the Sava river Rushwater. If i remember my geography Bosna is the river named Pure.
  8. jakifirbec

    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    A lahk tut jest pol po na?e? Men se ne da angle?it. :)
  9. jakifirbec

    Geohashing Fail!

    Hmmmm...time for a new fantasy race maybe?
  10. jakifirbec

    What cars did you lust after as a kid?

    NO! I wanted it soo bad. Before that was the bmw 2002 racing variant, again in that color combination. I had a model of it and just wanted it to grow to full size, so i could(n't) drive it. Of course there was also the ferrari from miami vice...:cool:
  11. jakifirbec

    Mafia 6: this time it's personal

    I vote georgestr :D
  12. jakifirbec

    I need you advice, NOW

    Is j?germeister considered a strong drink in the states? And mixing it with red bull is just nasty. Blind, if you want Danzka i think i can find some (as could most of the europeans).
  13. jakifirbec

    Euro 2008

    I agree. Italians have a good team, they are just awfull to watch most of the time. It is amazing that a bunch of geriatrics can play on equal terms with footballers :P. Interesting championship so far and i have no clue who the winner will be. If Turkey manages to beat Germany..I don't know.
  14. jakifirbec

    George Carlin has passed away

    Rest easily mr Carlin. Naj ti bo zemlja lahka.
  15. jakifirbec

    The story behind your username

    Jaki is a form of my first name, firbec means curious.
  16. jakifirbec

    Don't throw away your newspapers!

    Slovenia covered.
  17. jakifirbec

    If you had lots of time and...

    Sleep. Fap. Shit.
  18. jakifirbec

    The Final Gear Wacky Races - RACE THREAD.

    Welcome, and please enjoy the hospitality of our kind nation. Now please remove all your belongings and you clothes for asylum tax. You are free to live and expolore our beautifull land. Allthough we must inform you that we do not look kindly on naked poor asylum seekers, so please leave. Hope...
  19. jakifirbec

    The Final Gear Wacky Races - RACE THREAD.

    Violent masturbation is not a party AFAIK:P...