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  1. Salar

    Ultima GTR + 964 RS

    Buddies and I managed to get a hold of these rare cars in town and do a shoot with them. There's only a couple Ultima GTRs in western Canada, and this particular one is freshly imported. The Porsche 964 RS is also heavily modified, and the engine is actually a 3.9 liter with full racing...
  2. Salar

    California Shoot

    Hey guys, following the FF shoot, we had another chance of shooting a car for the local Ferrari dealer. Please go to: for more photos on this feature as well as more exotics and classic car photos. stay tuned for more shoots in the future. We have cooler stuff...
  3. Salar

    Ferrari FF Photoshoot

    Hey guys, here is a photoshoot my friends and I did of a Ferrari FF recently. I hope you guys like the photos, for more please go to :
  4. Salar

    Porsche and Italian Carshows (56K take a nap)

    Started the day with Porsche Show and Shine. Batmobile anyone? Some classics LP with nice options... Carbon Fiber Goodness This is when the real fun started. Great timing with the line up of Lambos heading to the Italian Car Show, I know I was really lucky... I have...
  5. Salar

    Italian Carshow

    Pics from today. Not many cars showed up because of the shit weather.
  6. Salar

    New Ferrari Store Open House

  7. Salar

    Looking for a good DSLR camera

    Keeping it under $1K. Suggestions? Thx in advance.
  8. Salar

    My Accord

    92 EX-R 2.2L 140 hp Some pics I took tonight @ work
  9. Salar

    S4 Road Trip Story with Pics (No 56K)

    This is just awesome.
  10. Salar

    Islero and Countach Pictures

    I took these pictures in a classic car show on July 29th, 2006. There were lots of hot rods, and other American classic cars including a Viper GTS ACR. Anyways, I saw these 2 Lambos while I was leaving early, as I was not expecting to see anything Italian there, but those two beautiful and...
  11. Salar

    Badass Looking Ferrari with Corvette Badges

  12. Salar

    Ferrari Model

    Can anybody help me identifying this Ferrari? I thought of 250GT California Spyder, but I'm not still sure. I took this picture today, and unfortunately was talking with my cell phone at that minute, so couldn't take a front shot, or a proper rear shot. Sorry about that. Here we go...
  13. Salar

    Driven To Perform 2006 *Bling, Rice, Exotic*

    Finally, I got some time to upload my pictures from a rice show which I attended a couple weeks'll see other stuff than just rice though. *BLING* Yo This thing was kickass... I actually thought this was Nutty Professor... Fireblade Hope you ain't bored...
  14. Salar

    Carrera GT pictures

    I took these last week, what do you guys think... :) Any feedback/comment would be appreciated.
  15. Salar

    Italian and French Car Show

    Some pics of Lambos there, hope you like them!
  16. Salar


    :shock: :o :shock: :o :shock: :o
  17. Salar

    New BMW Concept

    Amazing. Looks like a fly from front, though. But I am OK with that...
  18. Salar

    Live For Speed Question

    I DLed Demo version a while back, and just finished all the trainings, when I want to go through other missions, it says that I have to unlock "S1". There's also a registering in the game. :? Requires Username and password. I don't know what they're for. This game is amazing, really...
  19. Salar

    Crazy Murcielago, Gallardo Spyder, LM002 And Others

    As I promised, here are the pictures of Murcielago I saw a few days ago. This thing was nuts. It had absolutely NO MUFFLER (silencer). You could hear the noise from a far distance. I also have a bunch vids of this car. BTW, all the black parts of car were painted orange. (mirrors, rear window...
  20. Salar

    CGT says goodbye

    Great, now I can't order mine... Bet prices will go up crazy ($700-800K) very soon.