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  1. Steve Levin

    My fight with liver failure has ended...

    (I know I haven't been active on the forums for years now, but as time goes by and one loses touch with people, I wanted to post this here as well. Please excuse the consumption of electrons) After a very trying couple of months (upon the three years of battle we've waged) Tami Levin and I...
  2. Steve Levin

    Entry level sysadmin/NOC positions in Cheyenne, WY

    I know there's not a lot of folks on the Front Range, but I figured I would post this anyway. I'm looking to hire entry level system administrators (who will start off monitoring systems in our Network Operations Center). The more admin stuff you know, the better, but a willingness to learn is...
  3. Steve Levin

    Looking for *ix sysadmins in SF Bay Area

    I'm looking for at least 2 SysAdmins in the SF Bay Area. Of course I'd love to help out fellow FG'ers! Primarily a Linux shop with a handful of BSD machines. The skills I'm looking for are: The "must have" thing: * Good *ix admin skills * willingness to be on-call nights and weekends...
  4. Steve Levin

    For the US: how best to reduce fossil fuel use?

    Since we're FG, I was going to keep this primarily focused on cars, but I think any good ideas would be interesting to talk about. For cars, I have two thoughts on ways to change things. I believe that CAFE is the "bass-ackwards" way of influencing things because it fundamentally tries to make...
  5. Steve Levin

    How much auto insurance do you carry?

    For those folks that live in countries and states where you purchase auto liability insurance (i.e., if an accident is your fault, it pays the people you hit), how much coverage do you carry? Feel free to include umbrella policies that provide you with general liability coverage personally...
  6. Steve Levin

    Obama's latest kickbacks to special interests...

    Another day, and more change...meaning more pandering to special interests. First with the automakers and the UAW's sweetheart deals to make sure their unsecured debt was paid while secured debt was...
  7. Steve Levin

    If you have thought of getting into racing...

    ...this is the time of year to start getting prepared. All around the US, SCCA competition driving schools will run in the early part of 2010, just before the club racing season begins. In California, that will be in early March, in the northern part of the state at Thunderhill Raceway Park...
  8. Steve Levin

    It's time to get off the couch and race!

    For those of you who are thinking "I'd love to race" -- it's that time of year! Get off the couch, get your paperwork ready, and attend SCCA driver's school! You can get some great deals on renting a racecar for the driver's school because of the economy in general. go to
  9. Steve Levin

    Issue: Constantly losing authorization

    All of a sudden I can't seem to stayed logged in during a session. Even just clicking around the forums, suddenly, I'm not logged in anymore. I haven't changed anything in my browser (FF3) lately, and this is all happening in the same window -- we're not even talking across tabs. Steve
  10. Steve Levin

    Race car paintjob needed

    So here's my sad story. I'm fairly, well, non-artistic when it comes to paint schemes. And I'm about to purchase a Spec Racer Ford, which looks like this (me driving someone else's car): Well, the car I am buying has a mottled up paintjob and needs to be re-painted (which is being thrown...
  11. Steve Levin

    Canon 20D + lenses for sale

    I thought I'd toss this out... I have just not been using this camera, and, well, racing is consuming money at a prodigious pace. Canon 20D 10-22mm EF-S USM 17-85mm EF-S USM IS 28-135mm EF IS (USM? I forget) 75-300 EF (the bottom line one, cheap, but so I had a "big" lens handy) Speedlite 580...
  12. Steve Levin

    2 Russo and Steele tickets for this weekend

    As some of you may know, this is the big auction week/weekend in the Phoenix area...all the big auto auctions are there. Lots of cool cars to see. Russo and Steele's website has some additional details. I won a contest and got two tickets to the R&S auction; I thought I was going to be able...
  13. Steve Levin

    My Spec Racer Ford

    I wanted to move up to a quicker car for track days than my Chrysler 300, and then a friend pointed me at Spec Racer Fords. So I thought I'd give it a whirl...and try racing as well!. It's not really "my" car in that it's a rental, but since I'm planning on renting it for at least 12 events...
  14. Steve Levin

    Buttonwillow (CA) Track Day 12/29

    If you live on the west coast and have been interested in putting your car on the track, a group I know is running an event at Buttonwillow on 12/29. With a cap of just 35 cars total (as compared, say, to 35 cars on track at once) it'll be a great low-pressure opportunity to get started. There...
  15. Steve Levin

    My Ariel Atom experience!

    Since I've been pondering getting a pure track car (instead of using my Chrysler 300) I decided to take the opportunity afford by the Ariel Atom Experience ( to actually drive one at a track I'm fairly familiar with, Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows...
  16. Steve Levin

    Who takes their car to the track?

    I was wondering how many people here run their daily car on the track. Dragstrips don't count :) Steve
  17. Steve Levin

    Silverstone Test June 19th

    I was at Silverstone yesterday for the test as a guest of Spyker F1. Pretty cool day...and sunny! Odd for England :) I'll write more later...but here's a couple of pics to give you an idea of how cool the access was: Steve
  18. Steve Levin

    Chrysler 300 SRT-8

    I've just finished changing the grille, pulling off the mouldings and adding a small rear window spoiler because I liked the look of it. And I've pulled the resonators off the exhaust (but left the muffler) to give it a little more bark. It's a lot of fun! Steve
  19. Steve Levin

    Opportunity to attend Spyker F1 test 19 June

    As you folks may or may not have seen, Spyker auctioned off an opportunity for 4 people to attend as VIPs at a test day at Silverstone on 19 July 2007. I was foolish enough to bid and win the auction. :) My wife and I are going, as is one friend. So that leaves one space, if anyone is...
  20. Steve Levin

    America's new love: the Vauxhall Vectra!

    It's true. With pretty little Saturn badges on it, Autoweek magazine has proclaimed the Vectra as the "North America Car of the Year." I am so mortified! I do anticipate JC using it as a 'news bludgeon' of sorts, though. Steve