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  1. //Dave

    What happened here then?

    I bought a Wireless HD Media Player for my TV (D-Link DSM-520) so I didn't have to burn DVDs to watch some of my media and it arrived this morning as I expected. Got it set up, working etc. But it just arrived again, this time by Target. So now I have 2, I've checked everything and I've only...
  2. //Dave

    Is this a mistake?

    Just noticed that on the front page :P Need updating?
  3. //Dave

    Car Sigs/Avatars

    Been making these over the last week. Comments welcome. (More will be added if/when I get round to them) Renders thanks to Dangeruss Toyota Celica (GReddy) Honda Civic (Skunk) Mitsubishi Evo VIII (Aspec) Opel Astra (HKS) Subaru Impreza STI (Rotora) Infiniti G35 (GReddy)
  4. //Dave

    Need a new Nokia

    Well it's upgrade time once again ( :thumbsup: ) Right now I've got a 6680, great phone. Used a few N70s, let the team down somewhat. I'm looking for something with a lot of memory for music and definitley a good camera (at least as good as the N70) and I'll probably need it on contracts (I use...