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  1. jakifirbec

    Happy St. Patricks day

    To all Irish and all beer drinkers. I am on my way to become irish for a day. Cheers.:cheers:
  2. jakifirbec


    Any of you guys planning to visit CeBit this week? I'm going with a couple of co-workers for the weekend. Does anybody have any idea of a really interesting stuff going on there? Oh and does anybody know some good pubs in Hannover?
  3. jakifirbec

    Reventon (no 56k)

    On wednesday i've been on motorstars tour in Lamborghini factory etc... And guess what drove up:
  4. jakifirbec

    The most beautiful car ever

    I've been thinking (when i saw the most beautiful saloon car thread), have we ever done the most beautiful car ever? I've tried searching but all i found was the ugliest car ever (I am drunk right now so i might have missed something...). If we haven't - we should, like Overheat did with the...
  5. jakifirbec

    Oldtimer meet (Ferrari relay same day) No 56k!

    It was beautifull!
  6. jakifirbec

    [No title]

    It was beautifull!
  7. jakifirbec

    Mafia 4

    So are you up for another game? Same rules apply as in Mafia3. The setup depends on how many people are willing to play. STEP RIGHT UP FOLKS! Ok So far Adunaphel Jacobfox Peter3hg mgkdk unknownspeedster, townie, hit night 1 yf19pilot naidanac a redliner - townie, lynched, day one The_Finn...
  8. jakifirbec

    Now that's real porn

    Just found this site, and got an erection I need money fast. p.s. if it's a repost sorry, but tried the search, and no matches.
  9. jakifirbec

    Got me a new car

    So after some deliberation i got my mind made up and have just bought myself a new car. Its a bright new shining mazda 6, diesiesel. Nice greyish colour and ugly factory rims. Will post pictures.