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  1. JimCorrigan

    It only took 13 years.... New Nissan Z How did this not come up in here already? My opinion, fix the grill, make sure it has real music from the pipes and not from the speaker (say hello, Supra). Keep it below 40k Canadian. Not for me, but I dearly hope it...
  2. JimCorrigan

    The war on independent thought

    Take for example the case of Jordan Peterson. A Canadian professor and clinical psychologist who rose to fame last year when he voiced his opposition to bill C-16, designed to criminalize the misuse of gender pronouns, i.e. compelled speech. That saga played itself out over quite sone period...
  3. JimCorrigan

    Ownership Verified: Her Majesty's Canadian Ship - the SRT 392 Challenger

    People think because of the Porsche and my career I'm a badge snob. Nothing could be further from the truth. I just love cars, and have for a very long time. I'm lucky enough to now indulge in some of those dreams, right when the auto industry is at a turning point. Internal combustion is...
  4. JimCorrigan

    ICE cars to be gone by 2025

    Do NOT shoot the messenger. You all know how I feel about this, and I bet you can also take a guess as to what I think about this "prediction."...
  5. JimCorrigan

    The Travelogue Thread

    This is for people to put their travel diaries, so as to not clutter up other threads, like some dick Canadian has been doing of late. :mrgreen: Do them however you like, bit by bit, individual posts, with pics, sans pics, whatever. I'll start by putting my Japan trip in here that I am...
  6. JimCorrigan

    There's hope after all: impending Nissan Z sports car (not that SUV crapola)

    Only pic is a guess render, but the information is important. Priz will like this.
  7. JimCorrigan

    CSR2. Anyone play?

    I'm surprised I haven't seen a thread on this. As far as app based drag racing games go, this one is pretty fun, and pretty reasonable at winning cash and gold without, y'know, paying. We should all unite under one crew. :mrgreen:
  8. JimCorrigan

    Is Loch Ness real? A mid-engined Corvette finally among us? Well, which one is it, media?
  9. JimCorrigan

    What is your ONE archetype for a car?

    I mean the car that instinctively comes to mind, a primal image, without having to think about it. Probably one of the first cars you ever saw (real life or pictures) that grabbed your full attention and even lo these many years later, will not release its grasp. Note: this is not the same thing...
  10. JimCorrigan

    Fuck the Eurotrash boxes of sadness that keep wasting bandwidth here: 2017 ZL1

    Take your 2 litre diesels and blow. - - - Updated - - - I figured a car like this needed an equally middle fingerish title! :cool:
  11. JimCorrigan

    2016 Mazda CX-9. Ohmygawd, I'm Rick Hamilton! Fuck you, I like it. We need a family vehicle that can carry a ton of stuff, my wife hates wagons (and the only one big enough anyway is an E-class), and we want to buy something after her GLK lease is up. This looks...
  12. JimCorrigan

    Owners file class action suit against GM for C6 Z06

    Yes, I said C6.
  13. JimCorrigan

    Cars you are ashamed to like publically (or that no one else likes)

    Basically, anything that Rick likes that you find yourself agreeing with. :P For me? Chevrolet SSR. I know it's bloated, I know the interior is awful, and I know the early models were under-powered and auto, but the last few years it was available it had a 390 hp LS2 and a six speed stick. I...
  14. JimCorrigan

    Dodge Viper could bow out again in 2017 Pour out a 40 oz...
  15. JimCorrigan

    Missed out on a 1-series M? Here's your chance. 2016 BMW M2
  16. JimCorrigan

    Thank you, Porsche! New 911R. GT3 engine, manual, standard Carrera body

    Aside from my current car (and a 918, duh), this is the only modern Porsche I want. AND I WANTS IT BADLY!!!* Bummer. Turns out there might be only 600 made, and obviously if true, already sold out. :cry...
  17. JimCorrigan

    Getting rid of leases

    Anyone go through this before? I know there is, and in Canada, that help with the paperwork. I imagine it's necessary to handle the legalese of lease transfers (so as to not screw either the buyer or seller of the lease), but I would appreciate any info people...
  18. JimCorrigan

    Muscle (and pony) car porno

    We have 911 porn, how did we not have this?!? I'll start. (that one should make our favourite Russian Ford employee squirm) :drool::drool::drool:
  19. JimCorrigan

    Wrangler Pickup on its way
  20. JimCorrigan

    Take your M4 and shove it. Introducing the latest Merc-AMG C63 coupe.

    Is my bias showing? Is it? IS IT!?!?! Want one. Want one badly. :jeremy: