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  1. Dsemaj

    Dsemaj' new manual funbox

    I finally got sick of having a big automatic car and went on my search for a fun, manual car. After never owning a manual car before, and getting sick of niggly maintenance on a larger car, I decided it had to be smaller than my old E39. I originally had my heart set on a R53 Cooper S - the...
  2. Dsemaj

    Alright Gentlemen, talk me out of this (thinking of buying a new car again!)

    Well, it all starts a few nights ago when my mate showed up in an overnight loan from his work - a 2008 Ford Fiesta ST/XR4. First of all, just want to say that I don't want a Fiesta! The Fiesta is a Fiesta. Lame interior and I'd get lost in a sea of metrosexual men and 85 year old grandmothers...
  3. Dsemaj

    Dsemaj's 2001 BMW E39 530i Sport

    Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've been lurking around on ye olde FinalGear, but now that Uni has calmed down somewhat, I've gone out and sold the E34 and aquired a new beast! Yes, it's an E39, but shock-horror, it's not a V8. But this silky smooth, revving I6 suits me just fine...
  4. Dsemaj

    Accident stories

    Well, yesterday I experienced something I thought I'd never have to. I had a fender bender. I was driving along a main road which is notorious for it's long tailbacks during peak periods. I was suddenly distracted by a really clean Mercedes SL in a car lot and... suddenly looked back to see a...
  5. Dsemaj

    What did you hate most about the 'noughties'?

    Well, now that the decade that was the 'noughties' is beyond us, let's reminisce and remind ourselves what made the 2000s a great time to be a massive whinge :rolleyes: Off the top of my head, I'd have to list the infestation of reality shows on television and so called 'green' environmental...
  6. Dsemaj

    Cheap, good quality audio recorder?

    I'm planning a documentary shoot sometime soon where I'm going to have a small lipstick-style camera mounted in the interior of the car. The person driving the car is going to be reporting on what's happening, but the audio from this camera is not nearly good enough for the qulaity I want. So...
  7. Dsemaj

    Good Hostel in Sydney?

    Like many others, I'm going to be making the trek with a few of my uni mates over to Sydney for Top Gear Live. Being uni students, hostels seem to be the only decent option. We're going to be flying (sadly...) Anyone got any tips for hostels in Sydney? Anyone know any good hostel review sites?
  8. Dsemaj

    My go with my shitty video camera's photo mode *sigh*

    Sadly, my point and shoot's image sensor died a while ago, so I've forgotten about Photography. Despite the amount of noise and crap that it produces, I decided to take some shots of my car, tried to be as interesting and creative as possible, as much as the lens ruins all creativity... The...
  9. Dsemaj

    Ambient interior lighting

    I love the glow of red on my instruments in my E34, but I really like how Audi and some newer BMWs have done ambient interior lighting. It would be fantastic to have some discrete LED lights glowing in my interior, lighting up the footwell and maybe some that would glow on the center console...
  10. Dsemaj

    The Greatest Car in the World missing video thread

    Since I got into Top Gear late, I missed out on the original rips, so like many others, I missed out on the "Greatest Car in the World" segments which I believe were in season 1 and 2. I've found a couple on youtube, so I thought it would be good to share them all in a thread, especially if...
  11. Dsemaj

    Next Adelaide meet - Discussion

    Well, I thought I'd separate this from the last thread. Anyway, who wants to be involved in the next Adelaide cruise? Where do people want to go? I was thinking the same sort of areas me and the other guys went last time, but actually follow the map and get to the corkscrew and all that! I...
  12. Dsemaj

    Adelaide Meet - Saturday 17th January 2009

    Okay, me and unknownspeedster finally got of our asses, so we've decided to do this...
  13. Dsemaj

    Cars v. Bikes

    Ugh. Give me more pointers to prove to this idiot friend that says bikes are better than cars. He thinks you have to work harder to get a bike because the best MV Augusta costs $AUD180k, more than a $AUD150k HSV. Which is an Italian motorbike. He rather be hit by side on by a car on a bike...
  14. Dsemaj

    Paris: Lexus IS250C

    Boy is this thing awkward..
  15. Dsemaj

    Upcoming reviews/challenges

    So far from the ads/previews that we've seen, looks like there's a bunch of great reviews and challenges coming up soon. Toyota Hilux TRD (Cox/Pizzati) v. Horse/Tracker (Brown) Mini Moke underwater challenge with Great White Sharks (Brown) Bush bangers challenge! Toyota Camry/Holden Apollo...
  16. Dsemaj

    Spoilers: The Advertiser: Top Gear Australia Challenge! (Spoiler Alert)

    I was looking in the Advertiser this morning (I was sleepy, wasn't thinking!) and I noticed this story, written by Warren Brown. Looks like we have a challenge with an underwater Mini Moke v. Great White Sharks! Looks very interesting indeed! Here's the scan of the article (Sorry for the...
  17. Dsemaj

    Dear, sweet jesus. 1995 BMW E34 530i..

    I never though I'd see the day. It's damn well perfect, sitting in a garage over the past 4 years for most of the time. 108,000km - drives like new. It's one hell of a special car. It's got the 3.0L version of the M60 - it ain't no LS1, but it's silky smooth and it can still go like the...
  18. Dsemaj

    2011 Chevy Cruze: First productions photos

    Even though it's not a complete surprise to what it actually looks like, here's the first production shots of the 2011 Chevy Cruze. It's a definite improvement on the Dae..Chevy Lacetti. It seems a bit of nothing at the moment, but I guess it's at least sort of bold.. The only thing that...
  19. Dsemaj

    *whistle* My attempt at making a documentary..

    ..and shamelessly acting like Jeremy Clarkson. Basically, it's about my thoughts on the closure of Mitsubishi plant in Adelaide, it was made for my Media class as we were studying documentaries.. Be kind on the shameless Clarkson/Top Gear-ness! :lol:
  20. Dsemaj

    Looking at total reputation list?

    Sorry if I'm being a plain forum r-tard, but how can I look at my total list of reputation received? Thanks *hides because of stupidity*