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  1. Hibbleton

    U.S Marines Rock out Britney Spears HAMMER TIME at 2:28 !
  2. Hibbleton

    Your honest thoughts on the new Pagani Huayra

    I've gotten into a few moronic arguments with people on Youtube on Pagani's new Huayra. I was just curious what people's opinions are on the Zonda replacement. I'm personally disappointed. I think it looks like a Zonda F that ate too much cheesecake. The name is stupid and unpronounceable. The...
  3. Hibbleton

    Star Wars: Return of the Dorks

    STAR WARS FANS: Don't take any offense to this. It's all in good fun ;)
  4. Hibbleton

    Blonde, Brunette or Red? Which do you fancy ?

    I originally wanted to trash this thread cause of similar threads but since so many participated it's good to stay. I'm not asking anybody to be superficial but if you could chose the hair color of your partner what would you go for? Blonde = WIN (my opinion)
  5. Hibbleton

    Another Ferrari 458 burns to ground (Video)

    I like my 458 well done :drums: Another one bites the dust. This time in China.
  6. Hibbleton

    What song best describes you ?

    Post a song that best describes your personality, what's going on in your life or anything that has relevance to you really... I'll start wit myself: WARNING: EXPLICIT LYRICS If your a Everyday Normal Guy Give a Thumbs Up ! lol
  7. Hibbleton

    Ex U.S Spec Ops vets ride across country to protest wars

    Two veteran brothers (one Special forces, one national guard) ride all over the U.S to protest the actions of the government. Along the way they play their music, do speaking engagements and raise awareness about the atrocities and illegitimacy of our current wars. I find it brave and...
  8. Hibbleton

    Boyfriend bails as foul ball hits girlfriend.

    Many women would do anything for a boyfriend who likes to dance. But as one woman unfortunately learned on Monday, a man who decides to do the Texas two-step and electric slide away from your side as a foul ball screams toward you into the stands is far from a dream date. In one of the...
  9. Hibbleton

    Wyclef Jean runs for President of Haiti, Criticized for his Car collection

    Wyclef Jean wants to run for President of one of the poorest countries in the world. Actor Sean Penn (I think that's his name) is criticizing Wyclef for his foundation that allegedly spent money inappropriately but mostly for his outlandish car collection. Look at what this dude has...
  10. Hibbleton

    Which Super Car has the best Noise ?

    You can't deny the hypnotic sound of a Super Car. It's absolutely beautiful. Post a video or just a picture of which Super Car sounds best to you... My all time favorite sound comes from my all time favorite car: Here is a video of a F40 and a F50 doing a couple runs down a straight...
  11. Hibbleton

    Bomb-Sniffing dog returns from Iraq with PTSD War is so F*cked up that even dogs are coming back traumatized. I have a soft spot for dogs so I find this sad...:(