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  1. GauravA42

    New Remakes of Old Top Gear

    I just dug up this clip from old top gear back in 1997 (Andy Wilman presenting infact); and here is its modern equivalent: I hadnt realised that they had pulled their whole segment from old...
  2. GauravA42

    Top Gear Mistakes/Gaffs

    So I thought I'd make a thread about the mistakes/gaffes/errors that have gone to air on Top Gear. (not talking about outtakes). Despite being the world's greatest car show, they aren't exactly perfect. I thought id start with something really obvious, but feel free to be pedantic; In...
  3. GauravA42

    2009: Year of the PS3??

    Yea, yea, you've heard it before, and 2008 was meant to be the year of the ps3, but it was lukewarm. all we really got was MGS4, and LBP. Haze was a Ginormous flop. but anyways, honestly, it looks like Sony saved all there AAA titles for this year. 2009 PS3 EXCLUSIVES: Killzone 2 (HOLY...
  4. GauravA42

    COmputer Components Websites to Australia

    does anyone know any sites that sell PC components (graphics cards specifically) and ship to australia, with reasonable shipping rates. because amazon doesnt, an i dont think newegg has good international shipping rates.
  5. GauravA42

    Which 9800 GTX is betterr....?

    i am looking for a new graphics card, and was on amazon and i found these 2 graphics cards. is there something im missing? they are the same except one is lifetime warranty, has a faster clock speed and its cheaper 2....? same manufacuter, both EVGA, but boxes and case a little different...
  6. GauravA42

    Fuel Saving Guide

    I hope this hasn't been posted, but oh well, i think this is pretty good i think the most useful part of this was actually the acetone thing, i think thats pretty kool. well enjoy :P EDIT: In case embedded doesn't work, here is the direct link...
  7. GauravA42

    An Insult To TOP GEAR..

    I feel offended every time i watch top gear Australia. I heard the top gear music, and rushed to the TV exited, hoping it was a repeat, but my heart sunk as i realized it was TG Aus. How can they call this show Top gear??? top gear is renowned as the worlds best car show, with its own quirky...
  8. GauravA42

    The Making of the Nissan GTR

    I found this awesome discovery channel documentary, about the making of the Nissan GT-R, how the concepts were made, the performance, the tests, the marketing, etc. this has heaps of information, not shown anywhere else. it also has how the gtr was put in games, and the public reactions etc...
  9. GauravA42

    Top Gear Test the Buggati Veyron!!!

    If you look at the season 12 preview, you can clearly see the veyron on their test track :
  10. GauravA42

    Stig to test porsche vs Nissan to nurburing? at the official top gear site, there is an article that talks about the Porsche vs Nissan scandal (link above), where Porsche says Nissan is lying about its lap times, and the article answers saying the only solution is the stig. it has a...