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  1. SpitfireMK461

    Mysterious computer crashes. Brain storm!

    Ok folks, I'm stumped. A couple of weeks ago, I started experiencing computer crashes. At first, it was instigated by one game and were infrequent, but after not long I got the same behavior in all games. More troubling, these crashes, which on restart were reported as blue screens (though I...
  2. SpitfireMK461


    This a simple yet fun game I found. It's called GeoGuessr. Very easy. You are dropped somewhere random in the world on Google Streetview and you have to figure out where you are. When you do, you guess on the game's map and it gives you points for how close you get to the correct location...
  3. SpitfireMK461

    Hyundai HND-9 Concept I love it. Hyundai please make it. I'll have it in black.
  4. SpitfireMK461

    Mini Metamorphosis

    Yesterday, I bid farewell to my almost 11-year-old 2002 Mini Cooper (which I'd been driving for 7 years), and I replaced it with a brand spanking new 2013 Mini Cooper S. While being an overall reliable car through the years, the old Mini had required some expensive maintenance over the past...
  5. SpitfireMK461

    New DB9, no more Virage

    2013 welcomes a refreshed and updated DB9 (finally!) which will axe the Virage. Aston Martin vanquishes Virage, unveils 2013 DB9 It certainly looks like an Aston. I'm glad they are finally treating the...
  6. SpitfireMK461

    Hitman: Absolution

    The long-running Hitman series continues with the fifth installment, Absolution. Bloodmoney left the players with Agent 47 being betrayed by his organization, and his death being faked in order to escape. Now the game seems to put 47 on a path for answers and revenge. By the looks of the...
  7. SpitfireMK461

    GM posts record profits Good to see the bailout didn't just put off an inevitable outcome.
  8. SpitfireMK461

    Advice on computer build

    I plan on getting a new budget gaming computer in the near future. My current one is 6 years old and is really struggling to keep up. Unfortunately, I haven't been keeping up with tech so I'm not very confident in my build efficiency. I'm not looking for the fastest, just the most cost...
  9. SpitfireMK461

    Looking for new CPU

    I'm looking to do an upgrade of my now 4 year old system. Last summer my gpu died and I replaced it with a 9800 GTX, so I'm sitting good there, but I'm trying to figure out what CPU to get from here. I'm looking to not spend anymore than $100 on the CPU (I'll be getting a new mobo and ram to...
  10. SpitfireMK461

    Max turbo pressure

    This should be a quick one. Disregarding anything a turbocharger is connected to, is there any information on the physical limit of its boost and rpm, ie, at what point the turbocharger breaks itself (by both boost and rpm)? As I understand, turbos will operate anywhere around 100k-200k rpm...
  11. SpitfireMK461

    Switzerland bans building of minarets This is a very interesting decision by Swiss voters. Europe has been conflicted with the rising Muslim population for many years now, but these seems to be the largest move against them so far, and I'm not so sure how I feel about it. I can...
  12. SpitfireMK461

    New soundcard not recognized

    I just bought a new HT Omega Striker sound card to replace a creative that recently stopped working. Just before installing it, I ended up reformatting and reinstalling XP, so I shouldn't have any driver conflicts, but whenever I try to install the drivers, it comes up with a window saying...
  13. SpitfireMK461

    Max Mosely Forced to Resign, F1 Reunites

    I felt this was epic enough for its own thread.
  14. SpitfireMK461

    GOP Sen. Arlen Spector now Democrat

    So this is a pretty big deal, for a number of reasons. The most blatant is that the Democrats will probably have a 60 person majority in the senate. As the article says though, that is not a gaurentee it will be liberal agenda all the time from here on out. What I find most important about...
  15. SpitfireMK461

    My Mini Cooper

    Being new the forum, I think it is necessary I properly introduce myself my sharing my car :D It is a 2002 Mini Cooper with one sweet automatic transmission and 78,000 miles. I've been driving it since January 2007 and have put 40k of those on myself, even with being away from it 9 months out...