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  1. p0w3r

    2010 Acura TSX

    So my lease on my Audi was up and I was frantically searching for a new car. I was already 100% set on a 2011 WRX white. However, the inventory in the models suck and I would end up car-less for a few weeks. Also, insurance would have torn me a new one. So I decided to (kinda...
  2. p0w3r

    Help me buy a laptop thread.

    Hey so my current laptop (a sony vaio) is really old and i want to upgrade to a new laptop. It is for general school work and excel spreadsheets for work first. Second for general video watching and maybe basic gaming. Things I need: -Portability. I am looking at 14in monitors or 13.3 monitors...
  3. p0w3r

    Anyone know where i can buy blinker fluid? (Seen on jalopnik) :lol:
  4. p0w3r

    Where to get the cheapest new computer?

    Hey so my dad's computer crapped out a few days ago due to a bad instead of going through the trouble of fixing it, I decided to just buy him a new one. He only usues it for email and web browsing, so I dont need power at all. Just has to be reliable and nicely priced. Even...
  5. p0w3r

    The "WHITE POWER" Audi RS6. From Germany.

    "wonder if they are running kkk turbos?":lol:
  6. p0w3r

    Brake Line failure

    Hey so my friend needs some help with a homework assignment...she has to figure out the cause of a brake line failure in a 2002 Buick Century. I think its rust...but i dont really know. Even still she also needs to find out why it failed and what was at any help would be greatly...
  7. p0w3r

    My 2008 Audi A4

    So heres my Audi A4 2.0T with quattro and tiptronic. Its pretty much the standard A4 you see on the streets but its more then enough luxury and comfort for me. :) The pics are kinda crappy ones from my phone but oh well...i just washed the car the other day and decided to snap a few...
  8. p0w3r

    So my dad put a dent in my car.

    So today when i went to my car I see a dent on the passenger side door. Its about the size of the quarter and well its pretty damn gay for this to happen to my new car which has less than 2k miles. The dent was caused by the door of the shed next to my parking space hitting the side of my...
  9. p0w3r

    So you got 20,000 to buy a car.

    Well thats kind of my situation right now. I have a budget of 20,000 to spend on any or used. Now for new cars, i really dont think theres anything that interesting out there, mostly bland honda civics, but please correct me if i am wrong. As of the used car market things can get a...
  10. p0w3r

    Button WINS!!!!

    I'm surpirsed no one mentioned this yet...but what a race!! Finally Button has his moment of glory....woohhoohooo :thumbsup:
  11. p0w3r

    Un-Pimp My Ride

    First the My Fast.... now the Un-Pimp My Ride :lol: :thumbsup: :mrgreen:
  12. p0w3r down?

    well is down? none of the images are showing up and i cant even get to their site :cry:
  13. p0w3r

    Mitsubishi Evo X...REVEALED

    omg omg omg omg omg omg omg :shock: :o :shock2: :jawdrop: EDIT:
  14. p0w3r

    More pics of the new Subaru WRX Sti (56k warning)

    funny thing was that i got these off a EVO site :lol: ;) gotta admit that the styling is growing a bit on me....i feel that the car would look awesome if they would change the taillights and the front grill EDIT: More.....
  15. p0w3r

    oh mom!

    lol this video is too funny :lol: :mrgreen:
  16. p0w3r

    Elise XL or Esprit Short?

    From Elise XL or Esprit Short? Third Lotus model spied during test JULIAN RENDELL Posted Date: 2/1/05 Our spies in England spotted a prototype midsized, mid-engine $30,000 coupe that fits in the Lotus lineup between the Elise and a new Esprit...
  17. p0w3r

    R Factor

    New game by ISI (same guys that made the awesome F1 Challenge). They have a multiplayer demo out now. It's a pretty fun game, i like it...but i personally feel it can be a bit harder. If anyone wanna race me, you can get me on msn...