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  1. djdorifto

    The Rolex 24 at Daytona

    Just whoring out my pictures one forum at a time lol. I finished editing my pictures a few weekends ago but just now getting around to spreading them online. Shot on my 5D Mark II with a 70-200 IS with X2 tele converter. Amazing weekend, stayed the whole 24hrs, hopefully I'll drink less to get...
  2. djdorifto

    Battlefield 4

    Who's ready for it?! Trailer March 27th
  3. djdorifto

    Duke Nukem Forever...anyone still excited about this game?

    Looks like Gearbox might be the studio that will finally be releasing Duke Nukem Forever... more on the latest project from Gearbox at PAX Sept 5th.
  4. djdorifto

    Who cares about 3D Movies... Its all about 3D Gaming!

    There's a cool article over at gizmodo about 3D gaming. The author tried out the new game Metro 2033 in 3D and he was amazed on how much full of win it was. So whats your take on it? I'm mixed on this, sure...
  5. djdorifto

    Canon 1D MarkIV surprised this wasn't posted yet.... do want though :D
  6. djdorifto

    Camera Body Cleaning

    Florida summer heat sucks ass and with using my 40D almost everyday I get sweaty hands. Any cleaning products to use on the camera body itself? :cool:
  7. djdorifto

    New Photoshoot of my car Just got my hardtop put on after prep and paint last last saturday. The mod bug has hit me hard, i need wheels and exhaust :P
  8. djdorifto

    GS Photoshoot for a local shop's website

    hey everyone, I did a photoshoot for a local performance shop here in melbourne, fl. They do mainly toyota (1j,2j swaps). This GS is one of their customer's car that he's taking back to NJ. So here are a few shots I did, they helped me out many times with installs and stuff so I was honored they...
  9. djdorifto

    Richard and the Zonda...

    Every all the reviews on the Zonda that Richard has done he just creams his pants when he drives it. I'm sure is making decent amount of coin, wonder why he hasn't bought one yet. Shoot, does he? I mean the Morgan is a awesome car, but I wonder if he ever really considered getting the Zonda.
  10. djdorifto

    Test Drove the new M3

    *I copied this from my local car club forum, so just ignore the names :)* Welp, me and JohnnyZ took part in the 11th annual BMW Test Drive for breast cancer. Me and J-Z got to the dealership around 12:40 or so. As soon as we registered the first car to be open is the 335i Coupe. Sadly J-Z...
  11. djdorifto

    The New Honda S2000 CR!!!!

    Is fucking rubish!!! Suspension and steering modifications The S2000 CR has the same 2.2-liter 237-hp engine as other S2000s, but don?t let that fool you into thinking it?s just a dress-up job. The most dramatic changes involve springs and shocks that Honda calls...
  12. djdorifto

    S2000 Club Racer going to go to the dealership and put my name on the list :D
  13. djdorifto

    What route should I go with my S2000?

    Hey guys, I'm doing something big to my S2000 and I'm still torn on what route I should go with. Right now its either keeping it NA or going FI route... If I go NA route I will be going first with ITB's and later down the road a stroker kit (waiting to hear how the 2.7L kit does). As some of...
  14. djdorifto

    TS V12 Supra?

    yummy yummy!
  15. djdorifto

    E92 M3...

    From the new issue of Car magazine to be released on January 3rd. Happy new year! 05/01/07 - IMAGES ARE CHOPS. READ HERE FOR MORE INFO. ~ SL65
  16. djdorifto

    My S2000

    Picture at the road course '00 Honda S2000 Megan Racing Coilovers CF Cooling Air Duct Plate My Road Racing Warrior :driving: :burnrubber:
  17. djdorifto

    S2000upra... *yummy*

    Video: so yeah, I was talking with the guy on s2ki and here are a few things on the swap... Steering Rack was moved 6-7 inches Front reinforcement beam was removed the whole drivetrain is that Nissan conversion stuff No firewall cutting As of right now, they...
  18. djdorifto

    Lexus LFA is go!

    Report: Toyota Set to Launch Lexus $170,000 Supercar in 2008 Date posted: 03-06-2006 TOKYO ? Toyota has secretly approved plans to put its sensational 200-mph Lexus LF-A supercar in the market, according to a report in Tokyo. Japan's media are reporting that Toyota will launch a luxury sports...
  19. djdorifto

    Mitsubishi Raliart Concepts from Sema

    Mitsubishi Ralliart Eclipse Concept more Mitsu Mitsubishi 2006 Street Raider by Ralliart If they did something to the rear of the Eclipse that makes it look not like a Audi TT then it would be a sweet car. Overall I give it a 7.5/10. The truck...