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  1. Bretton Woods

    Travel Advice - Southern Spain

    Hi FG, It's been a while since I last posted...but, I'll be travelling through southern Spain come late September/early October. Seeing as there are quite a few European FGers, I thought I'd reach out. My current plan is a driving route from Valencia to Seville, with quite a few stops along...
  2. Bretton Woods

    Jerusalem travel tips

    Hi FG, I've unexpectedly had all of my meetings cancelled tomorrow, so I have a day free in Israel. So in 9 hours from time of posting, I'm going to visit Jerusalem. Apart from the plethora of one day travel guides, do any FG denizens have some top tips to see and do?
  3. Bretton Woods

    Posting Image Attachment

    When using the inbuilt image uploader and hosting locally on the forums, the uploaded images appear as a box of attachments at the end of the post; what am I doing for this to appear? Can I make it stop doing this and simply attach the images as embeds in the post without them being repeated at...
  4. Bretton Woods

    Brettonwood's 2 wheels of death

    I'd like to share the newest motorised thing in my life. It has many cylinders and much CCs. It goes such braaap. And so wind and bugs in face. Its a Suzuki something...the brakes stick, throttle is lumpy and the suspension is shot. It has a failmatic transmission and revs to a million (OK...
  5. Bretton Woods

    Vietnam Suggestions

    Hi FG, I'm set to take a short (2 week) vacation to Vietnam very soon. I'm looking to accomplish Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi in that time, but it won't be on a bike. I'll be taking trains up the coast. I'm hoping that the FG hive mind would have some great suggestions for things to see/avoid. My only...
  6. Bretton Woods

    Ferrari Sergio

    Another special edition from Ferrari. I'm really not sure if I like - it's very jarring on first viewing, but there are features and throwbacks that may grow on me. Motor Authority Telegraph
  7. Bretton Woods

    Alfa Romeo's next Big Plan

    Already posted by jack_christie. See here. Mods: Lock/delete
  8. Bretton Woods

    Recommend me a new satchel bag

    It seems I'm starting to bring work home now instead of staying stupid hours at the office. I'll need a satchel-type bag to cart stuff around in. The ones I used for university are just too big (Crumpler Dreadful Embarrassment & Barney Rustle Blanket). I'd also prefer to have something that...
  9. Bretton Woods

    No 56k: 2014 Autobella (Melbourne Italian Auto Festival) Image dump with comments

    I went to Autobella, a Fiat Club organised Italian Automobile Festival in Como Park today. It had a really great turn out and filled the small park really quickly with some rather cool vintage models as well as some newer, shinier metal. The morning was really brilliant, especially as some of...
  10. Bretton Woods

    ET702 Hijacking

    Unconfirmed reports that ET702 was hijacked. Squawking 7500 and doing circles around Geneva airport. Twitter is blowing up with #ET702.
  11. Bretton Woods

    Toyota to shut down Australian manufacturing

    This looks to be the final death knell for automotive manufacturing in Australia. I guess there is a silver lining to not getting an offer from these guys after all.
  12. Bretton Woods

    New baby Aston Martin

  13. Bretton Woods

    Ownership Verified: My 2003 Alfa Romeo 147 GTA

    May I present my second Alfa Romeo. It's a 2003 147 GTA. It's red with black leather interior, a six speed transmission and 17" wheels. It's in fairly good condition with just over 81,000k on the odometer and a minor ding in the passenger door. Coming from my last Alfa Romeo, it was suggested...
  14. Bretton Woods

    Overheard in the office

    Been hearing some pretty amusing (well, I think so) quote around the office. I'm sure we've all got a pretty quippy lines we've overheard to share. "He used to be in a plutonium/uranium mining play, but he was Fukushimaed...utterly Fukushimaed."
  15. Bretton Woods

    Saab Turbo Aero?

    I spotted this Saab 900 Turbo? Aero? thing. I love it. Can anyone identify exactly what it is so I may, in future, possibly, acquire one?
  16. Bretton Woods

    Melbourne Meetup Mk. V

    It's been a very long time between drinks since the last Melbourne Meetup, or any Australian meetup, for that matter. I think it's time for one to happen and it should be on the weekend of the 21st of December, a Saturday. Let's use this thread to organise the event and keep an RSVP register...
  17. Bretton Woods

    Ownership Verified: My 2007 Alfa Romeo 159 3.2 JTS Q4

    I've just bought my fifth car. It's an Alfa Romeo 159 3.2 JTS Q4 with 108,984 kilometres reading on the odometer. It has a direct injected 60 degree V6. The engine is sourced from GM-Holden, so it's built locally in Melbourne before being shipped to Italy where Alfa Romeo fettle with it to...
  18. Bretton Woods

    Epic drive preparation advice

    Epic is such an over used cliche these days, but I hope that this edges into the lower stratum of the definition. I'll be driving from Sydney to Melbourne, with a few detours, in one day. ~900+ kilometres with an estimated time of 9.5 hours. I think that's reaching the upper limits of a...
  19. Bretton Woods

    Bretton Woods goes car shopping

    It's an Alfa Romeo 159 3.2 JTS Q4.
  20. Bretton Woods

    The Blacklist

    A criminal mastermind of 20 years mischievousness surrenders himself to the FBI in order to help them capture the world's most dangerous criminals whilst pursuing his own agenda. James Spader. Need I say more? Watch this show, the pilot deserves that 45 minutes of your time eve if you don't...