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  1. BrunoAMG

    Band Recommendation

    Hi guys, I need new bands to listen to, so feel free to recommend any band that you think i will like... What i've been listening to lately: -Black Label Society (my favorite band) -Motorhead -Zakk Wylde's solo work -Ozzy Osbourne -Rise Against So, basically i like hard rock, heavy metal...
  2. BrunoAMG

    Your video game console history!

    Post your video game console history here! Here's mine: 1- Super Nintendo 2- Playstation One (still have it) 3- Playstation Two Slim (still have it) 4- Nintendo Wii (still have it) 5- Xbox 360 Slim (still have it) 6- Xbox One (still have it) Handheld game consoles: 1- Game Boy Advance 2-...
  3. BrunoAMG

    Notebook won't shut down

    I can't normally shut down my HP G42 notebook, the only way to turn it off is by holding the power button for several seconds... Anyone knows how to fix this?
  4. BrunoAMG

    Jalopnik: Borgward Is Coming Back From The Dead

    Read the rest:
  5. BrunoAMG

    Unveiled: MG GTS SUV

    Source: autocar
  6. BrunoAMG

    Unveiled: New 200mph Arash AF8 supercar unveiled

    New 200mph Arash AF8 supercar unveiled British manufacturer Arash launches new 550bhp AF8 supercar; claimed 0-60mph of 3.5sec and set to cost ?165,000
  7. BrunoAMG

    Top Gear hosts made slightly creepy in 1:18 scale

    Anyone here planning to buy?:P