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  1. alihaig

    New phone with email access

    I am getting towards the end of my mobile contract so looking for something new. I don't really use that many minutes or texts but want to get internet/email access and keep to contract to keep control of my monthly outgoings. The options I have come up with so far are: Nokia 5800: ?22.34pcm...
  2. alihaig

    What can I get for my money (laptop wise)?

    I have been out of the PC buying loop for a couple of years being a poor student, so I don't really know what to look for spec wise. I am still a poor student but my laptop is really starting to get a bit creaky so I am looking to replace it soon, the question is what specs should I be looking...
  3. alihaig

    Why are we so crap at snow? Anywhere else in the world that isn't even snow, so why has the whole country ground to a halt??
  4. alihaig

    Stew or Steak & Kidney pie?

    I can cook, sort of - I have survived living away from home for 3 years without killing anybody - but I'm not generally much more advanced than throw stuff in a pan and heat :) So anyway to get to the point, I have a pack of stewing steak that was going cheap, my question is what should I cook...
  5. alihaig

    Digital Britain Report: Free Broadband/File sharing clampdown

    The Digital Britain Report by Lord Carter has been released today, and has some interesting and possibly controversial recommendations. Firstly on Illegal Filesharing: On Broadband availability: The Full report is...
  6. alihaig

    Labour Lords selling law changes. I can't say I'm surprised by anything this guys do anymore but it is really getting ridiculous now - I don't think there is a single Labour member with any shred of decency, morals or respect for the law. They don't even try to...
  7. alihaig

    Hammond: Richard on the One Show tommorrow (14/01)

    The usual apologies if I am blind and missed another post on this... For my sins I found myself watching the end of the One Show tonight and they mentioned that Richard will be the guest on tomorrows show (Wednesday 14th). Enjoy... (BBC1 7pm for the uninitiated)
  8. alihaig

    unexplained disk usage

    I don't know if anyone is likely to be able to help but I thought it was worth a shot so here goes... I have been running openSUSE 11.0 linux for ~2-3 months having finally had enough of windows. I have an 11GB partition for /home which as far as I can tell only has enough stuff on it to add...
  9. alihaig

    Clarkson With Marines

    Apologies if its already up and I was searching in the wrong place. I looks like Jezza has been doing some more filming with the marines, although I don't know how recent it is as I would have expected something like this to be filmed before the series started if it is for this series? The...
  10. alihaig

    Clarkson book signing

    Apologies if this is already posted somewhere... Thought this could be of interest if anyone is in the area next month - Jezza signing his new book in Chipping Norton.
  11. alihaig

    Picture of Clarkson's crash

    This is my first time posting here so apologies if its already up or in the wrong place... Found this on bbc and thought it would be of some interest - looks good for tonight's episode!