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  1. //Dave

    English subtitle discussion for TG polar special

    I have some spare time this weekend but I don't have a 720p rip yet to be able to help you.
  2. //Dave

    Top Gear Special to be shown in High Definition

    Which media player? I have best results using CoreAVC as an External Filter in Media Player Classic.
  3. //Dave

    The "New Toys" Thread

    Flash it with the new v.4 vanilla firmware. Has all the music features and adds a2dp for wireless bluetooth stereo headsets, i'm using my N73 ME on that firmware with Nokia BH-500. :mrgreen:
  4. //Dave

    Top Gear Special to be shown in High Definition

    I was very nearly gonna go for the 1080i but I doubt I could play it, need a CPU upgrade to dual core soon!
  5. //Dave

    Top Gear Special to be shown in High Definition

    I've only seen a 1080i rip so far. :blink: Oh well, I'll keep looking out for 720p, since it obviously takes time to encode etc. I can always enjoy what my Sky box managed to record for now :mrgreen:
  6. //Dave

    [Polar Challenge Special] July 25th, 2007

    Yes, everybody is Sir Ranulph :D
  7. //Dave

    [Polar Challenge Special] July 25th, 2007

    I know the main site states 1080p but will we get 720p also. I only have a 720p capable set plus I can't play 1080p without nearly killing my CPU. It would be just great if you guys could get that.
  8. //Dave

    [Polar Challenge Special] July 25th, 2007

    Fantastic episode, really enjoyed it. Cocking about of course, but plenty of serious moments to.
  9. //Dave

    Top Gear Special to be shown in High Definition

    The quality of this episode is top notch via my Sky HD box. :D
  10. //Dave

    Test Drive Unlimited

    Absolutley hooked on this since I got my X360. I know most of you guys will be playing it on PC but it's one of the best games for the 360, driving around cruising with 7 other people can be pretty fun. There's also the occasional stoner on your server blabbering on to everyone about not very...
  11. //Dave

    The "New Toys" Thread

    Just got myself one of these: to go with this:
  12. //Dave

    [ 9x06 ] Ratings

    That's because a bunch of people have already seen these shows six months before from the US. ;)
  13. //Dave

    Cell Phone Site

    That's shocking how they ruin the phones for you guys, Orange just fill theirs with junk branding and menus. Anyways, I switched to unlocked and never looked back after I got my first N91. Now for ringtones I just cut the bit I need out of the full mp3 and transfer it to my phone by BT.
  14. //Dave

    Clarkson on TOMTOM

    haha yeah 'oh now, look, look at what you've done!'
  15. //Dave

    Clarkson on TOMTOM

    We have that one :D You can also get Austin Powers which is a bit naff, but has entertainment value.
  16. //Dave

    How many times has Hammond crashed?

    What about the Renault he smashed up in one of the earlier series?
  17. //Dave

    PC output works on TV videos dont?

    Well my TV and monitor are both connected by DVI > VGA and both work seamlessly (monitor is primary, TV displays video) so I don't get why some people have this (I'm using 6800GT)
  18. //Dave

    Need some help with laptop internet connection.

    Is your laptop 802.11g enabled? If so, is it using g/b mix or just b? The best way to find out is to look at your connection speed to the router on your desktop. 11Mbps - b 54Mbps - g
  19. //Dave

    The "New Toys" Thread

    Just jumped in and got a 360 myself, premium with a couple of games. Going to get Test Drive in the morning :)
  20. //Dave

    Need help spec'ing a PC for my mom

    Completley agree. Went straight back to 2003. Also, .docx :mad: