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  1. Hatmouse

    Catalytics converter parts for '03 honda civic si

    I'm looking to buy some parts to change the catalytic converter on my 2003 Honda Civic Si. In addition to the converter itself, I'm looking to buy the associated bolts/gaskets/etc, and was wondering if what I've come up with is complete/sufficient. For reference, here's the big page of exhaust...
  2. Hatmouse

    Making a quick trip to London this month

    Anyone have any recommendations for what there is to do there? Also, I'd like to try the local cuisine.
  3. Hatmouse

    AC Compressor Seized

    Was driving along yesterday when I noticed a burning smell and smoke; pulled over immediately and had the car towed to a shop. Shop tells me that the AC compressor is seized; recommends changing it, the condensor, the receiver drier, and the evaporator expansion valve. In my car the AC is run...
  4. Hatmouse

    when changing a strut

    When changing a strut, what are all the parts that must be changed? Is it required to change the mount as well? I did a search but didn't find anything obvious in this forum.
  5. Hatmouse

    Turn wheel to the right plus foot down on the pedal = alarming noise

    So my car has been doing this thing where, if I am turning to the right and am accelerating at any amount of throttle beyond gentle, I hear this somewhat alarming noise that I can't really describe. I had a mechanic look at it over the summer, but he was unable to diagnose it though he noted...
  6. Hatmouse

    Not seeing the Forester for the trees

    My mom likes AWD, so she replaced her Impreza with another Subaru. Thoughts: 1. It's got a 4AT that really needs to be a 5AT. It's noisier than the Impreza at highway speeds. 2. That engine makes it feel like a rocketship, even with only 210HP. 3. The Impreza handled better, being that it...
  7. Hatmouse

    Mother needs a new car...sigh

    So, my mother's perfectly awesome 2006 Scoobaru Impreza wagon was sideswiped by a pickup truck (which then sped off). No injuries, but the car was basically totaled. I need to look for something for her, in the next two weeks. The main requirements are: 1. Cheap, <= $16K USD 2. Compact 3. Must...
  8. Hatmouse

    Headlight fogging/cleaning/replacing questions

    So, my headlights aren't doing a good enough job at lighting things up at night. Possible causes: 1. I'm blind 2. The bulbs need changing 3. The lens are too yellow. #1 is possible, but that's not why I'm here. #2 is, apparently, not necessary according to my mechanic. He recommended option...
  9. Hatmouse

    Mechanics in MA

    I'm a simple person, and all I want in life are simple things. In this case, I'm looking for a mechanic that: 1. Accepts parts that I provide. 2. Does jobs using the parts that I provide. However, of the places that I've called so far, it looks like this is not a possibility. Does anyone know...
  10. Hatmouse

    Pothole + Steering = RAEG

    The evening before last, courtesy of our great nation's awesome infrastructure, I hit a fairly nasty pothole at <some> mph while driving home. So: turning my steering wheel from the centered position in either direction makes some part of the front end emit a 'pop' sound. The sound is more...
  11. Hatmouse


    So, my car is throwing up a P0420 code. Brief history: This isn't the first time it's happened. A year and a half ago, it threw the code, I took it to the mechanic and he said "It's probably nothing, I'll turn it off now and if it comes on again bring it in and we'll see". For six months...
  12. Hatmouse

    Potentially Buying a Battery

    So my car's battery is dead. I might have to buy a new one. Any pearls of wisdom on what's good to buy?
  13. Hatmouse

    T-Mobile and spurious charges

    T-Mobile charged me this month for a 'premium service' from one of those spam texts that I never responded to. So basically, this means that you can apparently get charged for something *THAT YOU DID NOT OPT IN TO* as a T-Mobile customer. What if the charge was $20? What if it was $100...
  14. Hatmouse

    Car Advice (New, economical type)

    I'm trying to help a friend out who's interested in purchasing a new car, and like most people is looking for something not too pricey, and something that is reliable. She seems to be interested in the following: 1. Ford Fiesta 2. Kia Soul Any thoughts? In the 15-16k USD range? How are these...
  15. Hatmouse


    My car's due for an oil change, and is spec'd at 5w-20 (it's the civic K20a3 motor). I've heard some talk about 5w-30 being better, if the motor sees a lot of high rpm use? I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts/recommendations on the matter. Last oil change was exactly a year ago, I used...
  16. Hatmouse

    So Top Gear lied about Tesla?!5786995/tesla-sues-top-gear-over-rigged-electric-car-test (Related to this old article:!5115617/shocking-scandal-top-gear-tesla-didnt-run-out-of-juice ) There's being entertaining by using exaggeration, and that's one thing, but then there's acting...
  17. Hatmouse

    I've made a game

    Made a simple flight sim for my graphics class. Should have source code and executables posted up later this week. I'd like any recommendations on what I could do to improve it, though it's probably best to make recommendations after trying it out. I'll update here when I have it posted, but in...
  18. Hatmouse

    Mitsubishi Galant Question

    A friend of mine is interested in buying a used Galant from '03 with 124k on the clock. Are there any known issues with the car, or any reasons for or against making such a purchase? I'm looking in terms of maintenance items, parts that are likely to fail, long term reliability, etc. The car's...
  19. Hatmouse

    Seat belt tensioner

    Front seatbelts in my car feel a bit sloppy ie. when you unbuckle them, they don't promptly go back to the fully retracted position. I'm guessing it's the seat belt tensioners at fault here. Any idea how much it costs to get them fixed?
  20. Hatmouse

    Not really photographs...

    For my computer graphics class, I had to play around with GLSL. I wrote a couple of filters that, given a photo and a color, drew anything that was *NOT* that color in grayscale. Here's what I came up with: I also wrote another filter that drew drops of water at random places on top of the...