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  1. Bobele23

    Ownership Verified: Bobele's - BMW F87 M2 '17 (Minty)

    New Car who this ? IMG_20200530_134551 by Dennis Boberg, auf Flickr Since most FG crew witnessed my newest purchase at Ringmeet, i figured I should make a pyc for this. (better late than never, eh) Behold 'Minty' the black M2. Found this "steal" at a local dealer. A Trade In with 7.400 KM...
  2. Bobele23

    Spoilers: Test V5 comment box

    automerge comment ??
  3. Bobele23

    FG Berg-Cup Mini Meet (Hillclimb - general interest poll)

    Berg-Cup, The european backbone of semi-pro motorsport. A Bucket list entry for any petrolhead. I was going though my stuff, when i found my 2015 Berg-Cup leaflet and thought to myself. Wouldn't it be cool to see some motorsport with a bunch offinalgearians ? So here it is .... For people who...
  4. Bobele23

    UBS special feat. F1: Susie Wolff

    A short special Production from UBS featuring Susie and her story growing up with motorsports. Susie Wolff: See no boundaries
  5. Bobele23

    Ownership Verified: Bobele23's 5'series touring facelift/e39 2.5 I6

    BMW E39 2003 525i touring shortly before Ringmeet 2013 i aquired a new car, a BMW to be particiluar. i had a look at some 5 and 3 series Limosine/Tourings. Before setteling with this one. It was by far the best body condition wise and maintainence records wise, with a big inspection done last...
  6. Bobele23

    ADAC GT Masters 2013

    The new Season of the GT Masters will start this Friday @ Oshersleben it'll gonna be aired live from Kabel Eins (with a possible Livestream). all other airings listed here. I hope we get to see as...
  7. Bobele23

    Reply box sporadicly cuts out text after Submitting

    I've experienced this now a couple of times. The reply box sometimes just cuts off half of the text after Submitting it. When i go Editing the Post sometimes the text is displayed correctly in the editing box, sometimes not. Whether or not it displays it correctly in the editing box after saving...
  8. Bobele23

    Please someone ponyfie the Thunderbird logo

    As the title says, I'm searching for a Thunderbird Logo in MLP style. :) Maybe someone can pull it off with Rainbow Dash ?
  9. Bobele23

    win 2k8 R2 SP1 64bit, getting rid of TrustedInstaller Rights

    Hi everyone, I need some help from one of our Admin Forum users :). I need to install the Blackberry Enterprise Server 5.03 on an Win2k8 Server. However i have a problem changing the Mapi32.dll in the system32 folder, cause we are on Exchange 2k3 SP2 atm (will be updatet next year), the...
  10. Bobele23

    My random Shots

    Heyho just tought I post my Motor related Galeries here :D Collected Hill Climb Pictures (from 2007 to 2010) Contain Viper/Ferrari/Lamborghini etc Hill Climb Pictures from 2011 Bug Meets Old Bikes Old Steel Tractor Pulling Hope you all have fun :P;)
  11. Bobele23

    Ownership Verified: Bobele23's lil' Golf GTI Mark IV [No 56k]

    I think it's about time to Post my little Fella. It's a deepblue Pearl 1998 Volkswagen Golf Mark IV GTI, with a 2,3 l V5 with 150 HP 10 Valve and 209 NM. I saw her at the Internetz at an dealer near my town. I paid around 5Grand (Euros) for her. The Dealer itself gave me a 1 Year Warranty...