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  1. Mally Dangerous

    Iron Fist

    Iron Fist AKA Danny Rand AKA Iron Fisticuffs AKA The Iron Fist in Power Man and Iron Fist. My biggest concern is the casting of an actor who isn't a martial artist(However, I think they trained him for the role). Also, the girl with the sword looks to be Colleen Wing. She is often partnered...
  2. Mally Dangerous

    Movie: Straight Outta Compton

  3. Mally Dangerous

    Movie: Deadpool

    Or "Deadpoodle" as I call him. SFW Version NSFW Version
  4. Mally Dangerous

    Jeep People, I need an assist.

    OK, so, I have a client who needs this Jeep sold. I would like some suggestions of some good forums that wouldn't mind me posting the Jeep for sells inquiries. Thanks. The Jeep is a 2015 Wrangler with numerous mods and a custom turbo kit.
  5. Mally Dangerous

    Movie: Suicide Squad

    Hot! Also, I see that they took a page from Marvel with the slowed down song.
  6. Mally Dangerous

    Marvel's Daredevil (Netflix)

    13 episodes all on Netflix on April 10th.
  7. Mally Dangerous

    Movie: Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron

    Side note: The trailer seems to have been leaked early, followed by Disney telling everyone to take down the leaked trailer, then Marvel themselves releases the trailer early. Good call, Marvel.
  8. Mally Dangerous

    Guess Who?

    New game! I give you a vague description of a forum member, you Guess Who. Person who guesses correctly posts next. Keep it non-offensive. We don't need any drama. Guess Who? Moo, puffalump, penis, Mitsubishi, Porsche
  9. Mally Dangerous

    So...I was bored. Yeah!!!

    Make something and post it if you get my point. The more clever/funny the better. I wasn't feeling creative so I just threw the idea together. Members only. Edit: Awww, I guess I should explain. I want to interpret members' usernames in pictures, scribbles, sketches etc. Blind_Io Jayhawk...
  10. Mally Dangerous

    Post Your Voice or Video Thread

    Ever wondered what the other members on this forum sound like? Here's your chance to find out. Post your voice or a video in an effort to end world-wide curiosity. Mally Dangerous semi-live and unshaven.
  11. Mally Dangerous

    Story of one of my Clients being Murdered.

    OK, this is beyond crazy. Some truly crazy shit. About two years ago one of my long-standing clients referred a dude to me to get a website done. The dude's name was Randy Griffin and he owned a custom sunglasses/jewelry shop. I went to Randy's shop to talk with him about what the site needed...
  12. Mally Dangerous

    Fusion-io touts 'fastest' solid-state drive

    Very, very expensive. But I would loooove to have one of these. Original Article Official Site
  13. Mally Dangerous

    NASA Wants to Pay You $17,000

    NASA Story You would feel like shit on Day 91.
  14. Mally Dangerous

    G.I. Joe Live-Action Movie

    Hasbro is back...
  15. Mally Dangerous

    Intel Going 6-Core Later this Year

    Source: This will be lovely once software becomes threaded enough to take advantage of the cores. Workstations will be pushing 12-16 cores by 2009.
  16. Mally Dangerous

    Vista Price Drop

    So, Microsoft has lowered the retail price of Vista to get more sales. Really surprised me.
  17. Mally Dangerous

    Photoshop Speed Test

    Hey folks, lets test how fast our systems are running Photoshop actions on an image. Here is where to find the directions and image to use. Files and Actions My specs and results: Mac Pro Xeon 2.8GHz 4 core 2GB of RAM* Photoshop CS3 Time: 30 sec *This test runs faster the more RAM you have.
  18. Mally Dangerous

    The Kentucky Kid (Nicky Hayden/MTV Show)

    MTV has given Nicky Hayden a reality/documentary show. Comes on on Nov.16th. It chronicles the last races of 2006 and the races of 2007. More Information Here. I think I'll be checking it out.
  19. Mally Dangerous

    What's this song? (Kill Posh)

    Anyone have an idea of what this song is in this Kill Posh video? I was told it's by Cursor Miner but I can't find the title. Someone give me a hand here. Kill Posh
  20. Mally Dangerous

    MotoGP: Motegi (Spoiler)

    New Champion!