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    School project help needed: survey entries needed

    Hi everyone. I normally don't ask these things on the forums, but I'm kind of in a bind right now. I need 20 entries by tomorrow night on this survey that I'm doing for a group project in one of my marketing courses. And since this survey helps on a project related to something automotive (car...
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    Post-Apocalyptic Survival thread (no zombies allowed)

    I thought I'd start this thread up since there's already an interest on these forums for survivalism, although be it from a fictional apocalypse or one with an astronomically small chance of happening in our lifetime. But here's the catch: this thread will not be dealing with the fictional or...
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    Food sources bashing thread

    Made a new thread and linked from the other one because it was getting way too off-topic for that thread and people needed to post more of "something else" less about food. Although we're all eaten the other stuff as infants anyway. So here goes: Organic foods and traditionally natural grown...
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    AMD CPU limitations

    Ok, so I'm in the market for a new computer and doing a bit of research on parts and costs. Unfortunately I haven't kept up with PC technology lately and learning new things. I get most anything about new changes, but this one seriously puzzles me: I went on a canadian computer store's website...
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    Need acne treatment

    Ok guys, so here's my story: almost 21 years of age and still having acne breakouts. Despite everyone else I know whose acne stopped appearing after they left puberty, mine just keeps popping up and doesn't seem to cease. Thus, I need to get myself an acne treatment that works. Mind you, I...
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    The Happening

    Oh man ... that looked like it could be such a crazy new idea for a film in the trailer. But damn, was it ever a dissapointment. Can't believe I sat through the whole thing. Couldn't even eat all my popcorn, it was that bad. I want my fuckin' money back. Who here thinks the same?
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    Help: Extending a wireless network

    A friend of mine moved recently, and his new, multi-level house doesn't quite carry wireless signals very well between levels, so he asked me to help him find a solution to this problem. Searched the net over, but didn't find all the answers, so I thought I should ask you guys. Having to...
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    Koodo Mobile WARNING: Very cheesy.

    Am I the only Canadian that sees these Koodo commercials everywhere and thinks that it's such a lousy campaign that the company will fail just because of its bad advertising? If you don't know what I'm talking about, take a look at this: It is the biggest cheese you've ever seen in your life...
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    Toronto Waterfront is getting an open network

    Woohoo, just found out today that Waterfront Toronto, the project to restore and improve Toronto's waterfront has decided as one of its sub-projects to build an Open Optical Communications Network at Toronto's waterfront. As well as building a wireless access network in the same area as well...
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    Vote my sis for Miss Canada 2008

    EDIT: And the voting is finally up and running. You can vote as many times as you like until December 9th. So here's the link Just remember to vote for Anca. And this is her profile on the website...
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    Forums keep timing out for me.

    Please help, page lagging out. Ok, so I already got an answer from adunaphel that it would be a problem on my end, but ever sionce we moved to the new box, instead of receiving fast loading times I've been experiencing very very slow loading times (even a myspace page full of videos and...
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    buttons and quick-reply gone

    the quote button, the multi-quote button and the quick reply box have dissapeared from the forum. Anyone know how to bring them back? Please :)
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    I need an invitation to

    Hey you guys, I've been trying to get this for a while, but now it's really itching me. It's always because whenever I search for a torrent, there's always something on demonoid that you can't find anywhere else, although their torrents do get out, the bad thing is when their torrents come out...
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    I'm back too

    Once I signed back after quite a few months of silence now and looking at how many posts I missed (I was expecting something like that) ... well, I just signed back out and back in ... not going to read all that. So, I'm back everyone ... and honestly, I don't even know if my avatar works...
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    I must take my leave

    Hi everyone, Probably nobody here remembers me, I was not exactly the most active of the forum's members. And at these times where this forum became too alive for me to keep up with, I must beg my leave, gentlemen (&ladies). I was away for some time from the forum ... well, more like 2 whole...
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    Onatrio gov't banning mods

    for everybody living in Ontario, here's what I received in my mail box from a friend: wtf, the ontario government is trying to ban modified cars ?? it's legit, I read the law ... those idiots have no idea what they're doing, what a bunch of jerks !!! I wanna be able to mod my car if I want to...
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    nice places to live in your country (rich neighborhoods)

    Ok, so seing all the pictures from the "post your front door" thread I thought it best to ask people what are some of the best places to live in their countries. (i.e. places where the rich people live, there are big houses with heated sswimming pools, or tall buildings with luxurious apartments...
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    Ok, here's what my sick mind came up with : Here I am getting bored on a saturday night, I had no better thing to do, so I found some angrams on the net, liked them, and tried to anagram the words "Final Gear". Here's what I came up with: (only the good ones included) Fair Angel Fair Angle Anger...
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    complaining about the road quality

    Ok, now I've seen enough. I would seriously like to know from people what the conditions of the road pavements in their countries are, because I've seen this many times: everybody complains that their roads are crap, that they have pot-holes the size of footballs and that the whole road is...
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    Putting Faces To Nicknames

    Hey everybody, I'm curious why nobody made this thread yet. Ok, so we all know who each one is and where we're from, but I thought it would be nice to put faces to these nicknames, so that we can actually see who we've been talking to in these forums. But I'm asking for Viper's permision first...