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  1. Twerp128

    The Final Gear Wine Society

    The Mosel and Pflaz has been making some of the best Riesling in the world for thousands of years. Look for Dr. Loosen or D?nnhoff Rieslings. Pfalz Dornfelder is great too, if you can find an old one.
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    Well at least you have respectable police cars relative to the French. I just imagine a crusty, gnarled old farmer getting chased down a field by a 2CV.
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    France and Italy allow more common sense regulation within their wine laws than that R thing does for German beer. It's bad when France and Italy are more sensible than you. For Christ's sake France has it's own Police des vins, and they still allow more leeway.
  4. Twerp128

    The General Motorbikers Discussion Thread

    Don't buy a motorcycle. You can't possibly handle it. You will crash and die. Why are you even here, you don't have a motorcycle. Go home, leave us alone. We are better than you, we've ridden motorcycles before. Praise be to ATGATT!
  5. Twerp128

    Gun politics thread

    Definetly happening in Australia. It's in the news all the time. Bogan learns to cast and mill makes Magnum from two flats of melted down Cooper's cans and fishing sinkers. Goes on Mad Max rampage in Holden Barina. Police powerless against Hellfire from bespoke handgun. Of course no one has a...
  6. Twerp128

    Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

    In my experience, Australians are much more educated and up to date on political issues than Americans. In general, the media is much less polarizing and more well balanced, even with Rupert. The system works quite well. You are expected to vote, like you'd be expected to maintain your car, or...
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    Hemiheads Homebrew Harmageddon

    Gelatin fining on a small scale is very difficult. You could strip phenolics or mouth feel. Irish moss would be a good way to go, but with cold crashing you shouldn't need it.
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    Probably one of the best beers in the world, and a big fuck you to every ridiculous American brewery posing as 'Belgian' (New Belgium, pahh!) Brewing with Brettanomyces is amazingly difficult to boot, it's like trying to fill your gas tank while on fire. Keep drinking Orval, and save Hopslam...
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    The General Motorbikers Discussion Thread

    Has to be one of the best raw onboards from the TT course.
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    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    I'll just leave this here...
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    Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting

    606 accidental firearm deaths, it's statistics like that why I don't tell people I own a gun. Because you are immediately painted as a zealot, and frankly I can't blame the other side. It's a shame because nearly all gun owners I know are nice, reasonable people. But how can you even start a...
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    Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting

    I just find the contrast funny, all sorts of austere alcohol regulation with fairly loose gun laws.
  13. Twerp128

    Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting

    Welcome to 'Mericuh. Don't go to Utah, it's easier to get a gun than a beer.
  14. Twerp128

    Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting

    The point on the whole is that it is ridiculously easy to get firearms in America. Everyone in CA just goes to an AZ gun show to get a long gun. Guns are one of the few things that are under-regulated here. If the gun lobby would be somewhat less archaic and obtuse maybe we could implement a...
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    Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting

    I'm not allowed to have pop-up headlights on a new car but I can enter a private sale and buy a semi-automatic rifle with no paperwork or background check or registration in 'Merica. The 2nd amendment lobby is so far up it's own ass it's ridiculous. Prudent regulation and proper consequences to...
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    Ohhhh, I want that.
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    US of A Presidential Elections 2012

    He will, the west coast is barely being tallied.
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    So who are/did/would you voting/vote for?

    It was a fake account. Typical facebook, if it's up there you can assume it's untrue.
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    The General Motorbikers Discussion Thread

    Did the whole Mullholland thing yesterday, not sure how I feel about it. The majority of the people are super cool, but then there are the squids who think they're Rossi, the Harley guys who pass on double yellows, the Bros and trust fund babies that literally race without any real car control...