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  1. Twerp128

    Twerp's Striple

    Figured I'd post a proof picture up while I had it stripped for an oil change/new tires/degreasing/reflector removing. I'll take some quality pictures with the SLR some other time. And yes, it's like sex with Kate Upton - everything you expect and more!
  2. Twerp128

    Help with Twerp's (mostly) cross-country road trip 2012!

    I'm going Kerouac or Ted Simon this August and taking a road trip from South Bend, Indiana (2 hours east of Chicago) to Santa Barbara, California for an internship running through October. Of course this method of A to B is completely impractical in a time, financial and safety sense. BUT I will...
  3. Twerp128

    F****** Jetta

    My brother is using my '96 Jetta cause I'm such a nice guy. The alarm will not go off, tried the locks and shit, I think it's a broken wire or something. Anyone know if there is a way to bypass the alarm? Just need to get it home.
  4. Twerp128

    I just backed over my kid, it must be the cars fault!

    Ten bucks says it passes, another special interest feel good bill.:| Source
  5. Twerp128

    The Next Forza Motorsport Experience

    Too lazy to post pictures, just google them or something, but they're GT5 quality too shiny :lol:. Edit: Here they are, yep nothing like GT5. I am a sheep, yadda, yadda, yadda. . .
  6. Twerp128

    The Coke Tax

    This is fundamentally wrong. Shit, didn't they try taxing beverages a couple hundred years ago? Didn't work out too well. I can tell you Coke is pissed, and they're on the move. Personally, I'm all for socialized health care. I think it's been proven to work brilliantly elsewhere and at...
  7. Twerp128

    Handy maintenance tips/reccomendations thread.

    Here is the place to post tips and shortcuts concerning general automotive maintenance. Here is also the place to recommend tools, fluids, products, etc. From your favorite wax, to brake pads, to penetrating lubricant. This is not the place to post your specific automotive question. I'll...
  8. Twerp128

    The Man Thread

    Post manly things, manly thoughts, and have manly conversations. I don't think it'd be right to bar girls from this thread let's just keep that type of talk to a minimum. Best way is to ignore it completely and focus on man stuff. When in doubt think double barrel carburetor. Also, if we...
  9. Twerp128

    Twerp's Vectors

    Rather than posting them all in separate threads I'll just add new ones here.
  10. Twerp128

    Electronics bore the pants off me, what's a good TV?

    So I've been, "babysiting," my brothers TV over the past year while he was off being a metrosexual in California. But he's back and he's coming today to take back his TV. So I need a decent television. I went to Best Buy but they didn't seem to understand my price range or the fact that I...
  11. Twerp128

    New Clarkson Vector

    So I submitted this as a design, hoping I could squeeze it in with the old parody loophole. But it seems Viper007 doesn't like being sued. :P Quicky suggested doing the Stig, but I've found the Stig doesn't lend himself well to a 1 color vector :cry: So I'm currently trying to find a contact...
  12. Twerp128

    Shelby Cobra Vector

    Not quite done yet, I got some ideas.
  13. Twerp128

    Missing Core files and have a scratched install disk!

    So I let my brother use my Powerbook G4 with OSX 10.4 this past Christmas. He being the nice kid he is decided to clean out all the spyware in my computer, trouble is there was no spyware, and he wound up deleting Disk Utility and Installer thinking it was spyware. So now I go to install iLife...
  14. Twerp128

    Coolest MkII Golf ever!

  15. Twerp128

    Anyone have experience with VW's 2.0L N/A engine?

    My winter car is a '96 Jetta 2.0L. My belts need changing, the serpentine is straightforward, but I can't figure out how to remove the accessory belt in front of it (runs the power steering and the water pump.) It has a sort of rack and pinion looking tensioner on it that is all the way slack...
  16. Twerp128

    Bitchy, old, sloth lady cleared of fleony in Myspace suicide

    I hope someone breaks her shins.
  17. Twerp128

    Steve Fossett confirmed dead, Bones found in California :cry:

    Source For those of you who don't know, Steve Fossett is one of the worlds most accomplished Ballon, Zeppelin, and fixed wing aircraft pilots. As well as a legendary sailor and mountaineer. He's also raced in the 24 hours of LeMans and the Paris to Dakar. I really can't even begin to list...
  18. Twerp128

    WIP Porsche Martini 935 vector

    All critiques welcome! This is my first vector, one part of a design I've dreamed up. I'm intending to put it on a shirt eventually, not sure if I'll use a single color or multiple yet? I think what the design needs most now is some texture. Not sure how or where to integrate it?
  19. Twerp128

    My BIG trip to the Moto GP [56k rides a Kawasaki]

    Made it down to the Indianapolis Red Bull Grand Prix this past weekend. It was a hoot even if we did have to take my Parent's Oldsmobile due to my Miata's electrical gremlins and my dad's Triumph's exploding sprag clutch gremlins. Great to be able to witness the first motorcycle race at the...
  20. Twerp128

    Forza Motorsport - Cruiser Bruiser Bash! Innaugaral race

    In form with Top Gear, I'm hosting the first ever PT Cruiser race. A race that will combine short circuit thrills with Chrysler build quality for exhilarating racing. After all, how hard can it be? The race is open to any member of Final Gear with XBL. Up to 8 racers will be allowed to...