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  1. Smurfen

    New chapter! 06 118D E87

    So here is the next chapter after long and only e34 ownership! I'm not very active on the forums anymore but i like to keep a thread for it as a diary. (As is done with my other cars). Car has done its fair share of km's (206 000) but seems in good shape and the perfect colour, i am the 3rd...
  2. Smurfen

    Video: Formula 1 2016 - Season highlights

    Edited together a highlight reel from this year! Formula 1 2016 - Season highlights
  3. Smurfen

    Furious 7

    Can't wait! Its stupid, but the good kind of stupid. this is like my childhood movie series, im gonna cry when this movie series end.
  4. Smurfen

    amazing timelapse of Norway

  5. Smurfen

    BMW Car club Norway meet 03.05.14

    03.05.14 BMWCCN V?rm?nstring by JVGFoto, on Flickr 03.05.14 BMWCCN V?rm?nstring by JVGFoto, on Flickr 03.05.14 BMWCCN V?rm?nstring by JVGFoto, on Flickr 03.05.14 BMWCCN V?rm?nstring by JVGFoto, on Flickr 03.05.14 BMWCCN V?rm?nstring by JVGFoto, on Flickr 03.05.14 BMWCCN V?rm?nstring by JVGFoto...
  6. Smurfen

    Cleaning sensor tips & equipment

    I need to clean my sensor so i wonder what equipment you guys recommend, and other tips. evidence:
  7. Smurfen

    BeamNG DRIVE

    this is amazing! there is a tech demo if your not sure you wanna buy it/can run it.
  8. Smurfen

    Xbox One

    So the new xblox is revealed! proper reveal, starts at 39:26: Info so far: 22.05.13
  9. Smurfen

    Every car recommendation thread

    just thought this was really funny and suprisingly accurate :lol: taken from a reddit post in /r/cartalk
  10. Smurfen

    Photos of a friends 520i matte black E34

    Taken with Nikon D3000 + Kit lens 18 - 55 AF-S 3.5-5.6 Incidently just bought the wheels of the car :P
  11. Smurfen

    BMW Car Club Norway Spring Meet 2012

  12. Smurfen

    Lego minecraft!
  13. Smurfen


    there is no other word... :lol:
  14. Smurfen

    The "lost souls" thread

    aka cars that got into the wrong hands, or nice cars that got ruined etc.etc..... >.< got this idea from another forum..
  15. Smurfen

    My buddys Toyota Ke70

    thoughts? :) PB026426 by JVGFoto, on Flickr PB026415 by JVGFoto, on Flickr PB026406 by JVGFoto, on Flickr PB026397 by JVGFoto, on Flickr PB026394 by JVGFoto, on Flickr PB026388 by JVGFoto, on Flickr PB026439 by JVGFoto, on Flickr PB026428 by JVGFoto, on Flickr
  16. Smurfen

    Trackday V?lerbanen 28.08.11

    some pics from yesterday. red e34 is a friends...
  17. Smurfen

    BMW Days Rudskogen Motorpark 06.08.11

    Here some pics from Norway's BMW car club "BMW Days". calypso e34 is mine. black e39 w/black, chrome lips is my brothers... Full album:
  18. Smurfen

    Wet trackday @ new Rudskogen Motorpark

    it was really, really wet! Didnt have enough my monehs to drive my own car but did some laps in my dads mr2... and set the best lap time of my brother, dad and me :P my brother: P7244601 by JVGCreations, on Flickr My dad (and me for 8 laps): P7244616 by JVGCreations, on Flickr P7244446 by...
  19. Smurfen

    My friends E34 Touring

    Here's some photos of another friend of mines E34 Touring :lol: on cut springs. I expect few of you to like it ;) P5092975 by JVGCreations, on Flickr P5093019 by JVGCreations, on Flickr P5093060 by JVGCreations, on Flickr P5093076 by JVGCreations, on Flickr P5093064 by JVGCreations, on...
  20. Smurfen

    My friends E34

    Recently put on a set of FK Highsport coilovers. Mismatched bumpers and dents is because of a recent norwegian winter :rolleyes: Rondell 58's 17x8,5 ET13, 225/45/17 all around. 5mm spacers up front, no spacers in the rear in the photos but is coming. more low to go on the coils. all photos...