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  1. flydiscovery

    testing a poll

    dunno how to do this
  2. flydiscovery

    A mock jury trial for $$ ?

    *I'm in the US I just got a voice mail about participating in a mock jury trial on a weekend afternoon for a law office. They're offering to pay me. Has anyone done this or heard of this or does it sound like a scam?
  3. flydiscovery

    Download the Scirocco song

    Um, well, for those of you who were just itching for James' Scirocco song for your ringtone (uh, right, don't all stand up at once now), it can now be downloaded from Right then. Enjoy. It's a zipped .mp3, ~30 seconds long, downloaded quickly over my moderate speed wifi. Please...
  4. flydiscovery

    Adam Carolla And Eric Stromer Tell Top Gear US Adventure Story

    I suppose this is the appropriate place to discuss the podcast re-hosted on the site. It sounds almost like the trip home from the cheap car challenge was the best part. I'll get hated...
  5. flydiscovery

    Torchwood 3

    NOTICE: As of 10 July 2009 this thread may contain spoilers for those in the US waiting to watch on BBCAmerica. I searched and found no references. Is no one watching this week? I'm downloading so still a day behind but lord I love this show.
  6. flydiscovery

    No more AC

    I drive a 2002 Passat (US version, made in Mexico) and yesterday the AC decided it no longer wanted to blow cool air. The air that comes out now is slightly warmer than ambient which is going to be such a joy in the humid southeast. I know I really need a new car (this one is having problem...
  7. flydiscovery

    Out of Africa - Oliver Lives

    For folks not checking the US site, there are a dozen or so new pictures and an article about Oliver.