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  1. Kip_6666

    No 56k: Cit? de l'Automobile (i think these guys have all the Bugattis)

    Last sunday i visited this place:'Automobile What a museum! They have the kind cars you read about being sold for insane amounts. I was very overwlemed by the amount of Bugattis they had, I've yet to see one on the road...
  2. Kip_6666

    No 56k: Nurburgring 25-9-11

    Went to the ring today, it was really really bright so the photos don't look too good. But there are some awesome cars here: P.S also spoke to Chris Harris for like 5 seconds, a very nice guy. He was in a SLS, and he told me to tell everyone to buy Evo because he has to pay the fuel bill...
  3. Kip_6666

    Spoilers: top gear UK vs top gear AUS

    Filming next week They're busy gathering loaner aussie cars in the UK for a matchup against british ones. Think Monaros ect.
  4. Kip_6666

    No 56k: Nurburgring 26-06-2010

    Awesome volvo Where else would you see two E30 M3's next to each other? What is that strange looking Opel in the back? RS2? I like the porsche rims, it also had huge porsche branded calipers Sexy Rims <3 2 Eleven There was a Noble M400 meet, we saw loads. That strange opel...
  5. Kip_6666

    Spoilers: New top gear challenge

    English sports cars?
  6. Kip_6666

    No 56k: Another "Finalgear Nurburgring meet + VLN Race + Nordschleife" thread

    Another "Finalgear Nurburgring meet + VLN Race + Nordschleife" thread Saw loads of sexy cars, these were in the parking lot before the race: Then we got to walk through the pits: So many porsches: They were still busy fixing things: Many still undecided if they wanted to use...
  7. Kip_6666

    My 1999 Saab 93 2.0t

    Been looking for a nice saab for a few months now. And finally found one last week. It's from 1999, has a 2 litre turbo engine. It's a low pressure turbo version and the engine makes 154HP. The car itself is a SE, which means it has quite a few options. Cruise control, climate control and...
  8. Kip_6666

    IRC Battle Defeats!

    The count so far, counting from today: MXM: 0 ICE: 1 Kip: too many Post them as a reply in this thread if I miss them.
  9. Kip_6666

    More Highway photos

    Old Range Rover Sexy Civic Type-R Aston Martin DB7 Healey Frogeye, sorry not enough time to change the camera settings :/ Kudos to anyone who can tell what this is/was , I'm thinking Alfa or Lancia. Probably the rarest of the day: :P An American Import Sexy old XK...
  10. Kip_6666

    Help me find waldo (big pic)

    Hey guys, been looking at this for a few minutes, and I just can't find him :( Help?
  11. Kip_6666

    A few hours at the freeway

    It was great weather today so i decided to go out and take some photos. There's a major road near where I live, a few minutes on bike. So that's where I went :) Saw some interesting stuff, also a few bike pics even though there are hardly any people into them here. But they're more of a...
  12. Kip_6666

    Top Gear Fan Fiction

    Ok, own up, which one of you guys wrote this? :| Kinda not work safe, contains some things you'd rather not have to explain to your boss.. More:
  13. Kip_6666

    F1 testing at Monza!

    This wednesday I flew over to Italy to be a part of the F1 test days at Monza, here are some pics I took there. The weather was pretty good, so the teams did quite a few laps :) Got him right between the poles Raikkonen waiting to start his laps And here he goes Toyota truck...
  14. Kip_6666

    Ever wonder what 56 terabyte looks like?

    We got some new storage at work :) 56 1TB Hitachi sata drives, and 4 24 bay fiber raid units. We're expecting another 24 drives with another raid unit on monday. (which will make 80TB in total) So here are the pics! The drive: Me unpacking a few from the box This is is a pic of how many...
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    Nice photoshop buddy :lol:
  16. Kip_6666

    Making you Pictures a bit better using paintshop pro

    Made a interesting pic but the lighting and colours are a bit dull?! Have no fear, for there is a way to save it a bit using photo editing programs. Lets have a little example: This is OK, not bad, which is good enough for my level. But we can make it better, less boring. Lets start up...
  17. Kip_6666

    50 Greatest Comedy Sketches

    Downloaded this via uknova a while ago, and I've always been meaning to share this around. So today, I have. Torrent of 50 vids of great Tv sketch moments. (UK) Here are a few samples: And here is the torrent of the whole thing...
  18. Kip_6666

    Look what i found! (Pics)

    My first console. My dad bought it for me back in the days. It was at my grand parents, now I've reclaimed it. I'd thought I'd share it with you all. First everything on the table. The game (and only games I've ever owned for it) 60000 in 1 ? Not bad.. Gamepad: Getting it to work...
  19. Kip_6666

    BMW 1 series with a de-tuned engine The v8 out of the previous model m5. Silly germans.