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  1. iam-nobody

    RIP Fusker

    Hope this is ok to post. I believe the blog belongs to the guy who fell over Fusker a few years back.
  2. iam-nobody

    James day on Dave.

    Just heard that Dave is making Sunday 16th of January, James May day.:mrgreen:
  3. iam-nobody

    The Stig legal case told by primary school kids Someone on the JMB found a video of the play, that Kids of Mitchell Brook school did for the big fat quiz.
  4. iam-nobody

    Complaints after Top Gear Stig shooting I must admit I can normal tell what people are going to moan about, but did not see this coming.
  5. iam-nobody

    SGU DEAD Just when it was getting good.:(
  6. iam-nobody

    James on Radio 1 James was on radio 1 with Jo Whiley.
  7. iam-nobody

    Global BBC iPlayer to launch next year Sorry if this is not allowed but good news for non UK tg fans.
  8. iam-nobody

    More crap from the press. I'm guessing it's been taking out of context but I thought I would post anyway.:rolleyes:
  9. iam-nobody

    Big book of TG 2011 and other bits and bobs.

    Hope this is OK to post The Big Book of Top Gear 2011 Its that time of year again. Can't wait for Christmas now. Also official Annual
  10. iam-nobody

    May on youtube. fallatyourfeet on JMB found this. Found his shirt.:mrgreen:
  11. iam-nobody

    James on radio 1 Skip to 42.16 Would love to know what shirt he had on.
  12. iam-nobody

    1x15 out takes

    Is this the right place to post the out takes? I think James film should have been longer.
  13. iam-nobody

    Michael C Hall battling cancer.

    Glad it looks like he's going to be OK.
  14. iam-nobody

    James is on HIGNFY on 11/12/09

    May is back on HIGNFY Have I Got News For You BBC One Friday 11 December, 9.00pm. Regular team captains Ian Hislop and Paul Merton are joined by guest host Dominic West and guest panellists James May and Reginald D Hunter.:D
  15. iam-nobody

    Clarkson at top of beach-reads list Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has seen his book For Crying Out Loud drive to the head of the best-selling beach reads list. So we now know what all the FG members are doing on the beach on holiday.
  16. iam-nobody

    New DM interview with James

    Someone on the James May board posted a link to a new James Interview.
  17. iam-nobody

    Modal Shift for Top Gear

    BBC Two's iconic motoring magazine, is to depart from tradition in the next series, and will focus on cycling What you betting the daily fail will fall for it.:mrgreen:
  18. iam-nobody

    James May: James on The Wright Stuff

    I can't stand this show so i did not know James was on today does anyone have it ?
  19. iam-nobody

    Dailymail upset by TG again. Unless the policeman complains i do not see the problem what will they moan about when the series comes to a end. I thought the policeman scene was set up anyway.
  20. iam-nobody

    TG on children in need.

    Maygrail from the James May broad went o the internet and found this Children in Need 2008 Via HH ;D From the RT website:- Children in Need Friday 14 November 10:35pm - 2:00am BBC1 Fun and fundraising with Terry Wogan, Tess Daly and Fearne Cotton. Top Gear collides with Ashes to Ashes, the...