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    RS4 cabrio and Avant pics

    Full story All Avant pics All Cabrio pics (both links to the gallery didn't work, so I made a shorter link)
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    Spy: next S3
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    Z4 M Coupe pics and vids(small)

    BMW Z4 M Coupe - Production version specs and pics Videos: 1mb 3mb...
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    C&D on the 997 Turbo @Jensked: this one's for you ;)
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    Crashed Carrera GT

    Story (dutch) Long story short: Guy lends his CGT to a woman in a hotel and she crashes it badly. Nobody was killed, but injuries are inavoidable (sp?). Edit: deleted 2 pics, because they where the same ones as above.
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    Question for the students in Leuven

    There are a couple of people here who study in Leuven and have a student room there. I have a question for those people. I'm doing my internship (stage) in Leuven (KBC) and I need a room there. Now the problem is that I only need it for 3 months. From april to june. Is this possible and where...
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    meteor caught on film
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    japanese prankster

    Watch and enjoy.
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    veyron first drive

    AMS chief editor Bernd Ostmann has been the first mag tester that had the pleasure to ride 400+ in the EB 16.4 Bugatti Veyron at VW test course Ehra-Lessien... some impressions what he said about that day... the track has been kinda damp in the morning, kinda scary at 400km/h, so 111m/sec...
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    Nuerburgring - Nordschleife pics

    They can be found here. There was also a historic grand prix meeting we didn't know of, which was a nice suprise (we didn't see a lot of them though, bc they were driving on the S?dschleife, while we where driving the Nordschleife). A lot of nice pictures, but a big no no for non-broadband users...
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    download video clip?

    Could anyone download this clip for me. Firefox doesn't even show it. TIA Greetz Johan
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    Google Earth - (Racing) Circuits of the world (updated file)

    Can be found here. And For those who don't know. Google earth is a FREE program that can be downloaded here. Very nice to play with :thumb: . This is offcourse needed for viewing the file. And I know there are more circuits, but these I have for now and I left the ones that are not in a...
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    Falling woman

    Quite useless, but still funny for a while. falling woman Btw, you can grab/throw... her with your mouse.
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    Golf GTI (MKI) with V8 TVR engine :bangin:
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    Lots of Lambo's (to many pics, so just go to the forum) There are some pics of the Diablo GTR. Only 30 were made of this. Doesn't this look familiar?(intersection) Edit: the changed that pic, so I removed it. Just...
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    (for ren) RX-8 owner gets mad

    This guy's RX-8 broke down and got so pisst, he decided to trash it. Evidence: Now, he did all of this in 1 hour. Can you believe that? In 1 hour? I could've done a much better job in 1 hour. :lol: Greetz Johan
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    Herbie is back!!!

    Don't know if it's posted before, but Herbie is back. I just loved those movies when I was a kid. trailers. Greetz Johan
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    GT4: mission 34 anyone?

    Does anyone completed mission 34? I read on several forums, that this is very hard. They're even people who needed an entire weekend for this. So I tried it too. At first things weren't going very good. So I bought the SLR and did a couple of runs round the nordschleife witout any driving aids...
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    sorry to ask but

    I partially read the thread about the TG torrents. Now, I know that we now can find them on another site (minin...). But here's my question. Will the torrents from the vids captured by Vuk also be available there? Or are it other ones? If they are, how will we/I recognise them? I'm asking bc I'm...