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    BBC Documentary - Das Auto The Germans Their Cars and Us

    Excellent documentary which I just finished watching on BBC World - it discusses the rise and eventual domination by the German car manufacturers and also compares their success to the British automotive industry's hardships, especially in the 70s. Very interesting video, I appreciate its...
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    Fantastic news! The 2014 MY worst car in the world has been reviewed! You should never let your friends drive drunk, abuse addictive drugs, marry for money, or buy a Toyota Corolla.
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    Are Subaru motoring enthusiasts a bit daft?

    I'm only asking because I was on an auto blogging site, where spy shots of an upcoming STI were discussed, and I was entertaining by how idiotic the arguments and immaturity were. Plus it seems to me that STI drivers are more obnoxious and rude than the Audi drivers, and you know what else, some...
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    Does GM have too many brands that create confusion?

    Okay I may not know the markets inside out like a dedicated automotive analyst does, but I'm perplexed that GM has this mash of Holden/Opel/Vauxhall/Buck rebadging thing going on. Does it not take away from the value of the brand as far as its global recognition is concerned? Recent Opel failure...
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    My gf's 2013 Ford Escape (Kuga) stolen...(later recovered)

    Surprise but a 2013 Ford Escape Titanium (Kuga) was stolen in a Detroit neighborhood. These guys unlocked the car without triggering the alarm, busted the shifting mechanism and threw the shifter into neutral. They proceeded to roll the car backwards (engine was never started) from the driveway...
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    I like the new Top Gear fans!

    The newest fans of Top Gear are nicest of the bunch since they are way less judgmental, less likely to be motoring enthusiasts with die-hard loyalty to a WRX, are less cynical, probably richer and would be a lot more fun to go to a bar with. I only mention this because I came across a year old...
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    Welcome to the Motherhood

    Fantastic ad from Fiat UK
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    Have you ever shouted "...and across the line in...1 minute" after lovey-making?

    Have you ever shouted "...and across the line in...1 minute" after lovey-making? As per Have you ever shouted "...and across the line in...1 minute..." immediately after sexy time? lol That thought popped into my head...ahem one with hair on it...wait that's not clear enough...head...
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    New Top Gear promotional video
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    Cash for Clunkers is nonsense

    1) They are punishing good people who drive older, but yet fuel efficient cars such as a Ford Contour, Cavalier, or Camry. And at same time they are rewarding those who purchased a gas guzzler. 2) What is wrong with clunkers? They are functional vehicles which serve a purpose, provide utility...
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    redneck state troopers strike again:
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    Hybrids driven more and cost more to fix

    from via Conventional wisdom is that hybrid vehicles reduce our dependence on foreign oil and emit...
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    Bruno would be a swell guest to have on Top Gear

    Ich big fan of Michele Schumacher...his google sack must be a big vone ja? How great would it be if Bruno would give JC some fashion tips?:cool:
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    Good alternative to iPod

    Samsung P3 Cowon S9 Sony X-Series Or is iPod Touch best route to go?
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    Is it poor manners not to respond to txts/emails from friends

    If someone likes to show that they are your friend and then develop a pattern of not responding to your txts or emails...are they a fake friend then?
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    Is food in EU healthier than US

    Here we have insane subsidies to corn industry; and of course for anyone who has studied health in depth, it'll come no surprise that corn syrup, which is derived from corn, trickles its way down to pop, meats, ketchup, and other common products. Problem is that high fructose syrup isn't good...
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    Clarkson was right about Camaro - it's no bueno

    I recall JC saying in a news segment that new Camaro wouldn't be any good even if it does share platform with Vauxhall VXR8 same old GM, over-promise and under-deliver...but it's okay its glory days are ahead under Government and UAW...
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    Top Gear should test more tuner cars

    Like G-Power M5, or Gemballa Cayenne...I've always wondered how those cars compare against Ferraris, Lambos and other similar cars in same price range.
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    WMP11 won't play Top Gear

    I used to have klite codec installed, but then I upgraded motherboard, installed XP Pro, updated to SP3 and now WMP won't play TG like it used to...I downloaded DivX, but I don't really like it. What are my options? Is there a specific setting I need to change within k-lite code pack program?
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    Top Gear improved my sex life 100%

    So after an night of clubbing, my date and I got back to my place where vodka consumption took place and then I turned on TG episode where Stiggy took GT-R around the track. Well I think my date got so turned on by screaming GT-R going past the tyres, that next thing I knew, we were on my bed...