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  1. Mark355

    British people

  2. Mark355

    Ferrari SA Aperta revealed in Paris: open-top 599! This is loads prettier than the 575 SA. Want?
  3. Mark355

    No torque, no worries - plenty of pics

    2006 s2k. I like this car. A lot. It's really special to me. I researched s2ks for a year before I bought one so I know a great deal about them. Any questions, feel free! I like to think this is one of the last lightweight, pure driver-oriented cars that we'll see since everything is moving...
  4. Mark355

    Think you know your car badges Can you get all 42? I missed three.
  5. Mark355

    Kid lies and says he bought a Supra, gets owned He gets busted by the actual owner of the car on page 3. Lots of funny pictures and comments follow. They even call his house and the kid's father threatens to call the police. :lol:
  6. Mark355

    Funny rep comments

    What's the funniest comment someone has left you when changing your reputation, anonymously or otherwise? Here's mine: "pretty sig, heres vicki's email address, i hope this box is large enough: vic" Clever.
  7. Mark355

    Giada de Laurentiis

    I like her food.
  8. Mark355

    Drive the new M3 on the Nurburgring GP! 345 MB downloadable simulation game from BMW. I'm just starting to play around with it now.
  9. Mark355

    New $1M dollar Lamborghini Reventon (pics)

    As discussed here, the car has been revealed and looks to only share the doors and wing mirrors with the LP640. Every other panel is new and the engine boasts 20 BHP over the LP640. Production is said to be 20 cars, but rumors for more are circulating. You guys think it's worth Veyron money? :-\...
  10. Mark355

    Position of brake calipers

    This is something I've always wondered about. First picture is of a Porsche caliper positioned at 9 o'clock. Now here's a brake caliper at 3 o'clock. Everything ok so far. Now look at this on an Infiniti: What is that? 10:30? I always thought that the only position on which the caliper...
  11. Mark355

    So uh...

    Does this site no longer rip and torrent Fifth Gear episodes? Are we just relying on the scene?
  12. Mark355

    Clarkson says James has a boyfriend last few seconds...
  13. Mark355 site redesign

    just noticed that has been updated and given a new design. looks great. just a heads up. :thumbsup:
  14. Mark355

    automotive wallpaper?

    everyone share your favorite sites for car wallpaper. here's mine:
  15. Mark355

    No more TG on Discovery Channel US

    Heard they cancelled. :thumbsdown:
  16. Mark355

    Any way to disable signatures?

    All the big images and moving .gif's are driving me crazy. :thumbsdown:
  17. Mark355

    Fastest production car: Ultima GTR on TG? Check this out though: I guess this will be featured next season?
  18. Mark355

    What's the best torrent client?

    I've been using BitTorrent 4.0.1. It does the job ok, but it doesn't do much to tell me what's actually happening. What are you guys using?
  19. Mark355

    When is the F430 being reviewed?

    That's really the only thing I want to see. Don't really care about the Honda Element.
  20. Mark355

    Has Top Gear reviewed the Saleen S7?

    I'd like to see Clarkson thrash that thing.